Can I have my beard and chest 'thinned out?'

I have a thick beard and would like to have some of the beard removed by laser. However, is it possible to spread it out or thin out? I’d like to shave twice a week instead of twice a day. I would also like to do this to my chest. I want a little hair, but not alot. I don’t want patches either. How would I describe this when I make an appointment for a consultation? What kind of lasers should I ask? Can this even be done with lasers? Many thanks all!!

this is much easier on the chest, and much harder to achieve on the face as the face tends to be patchy due to lots of hormonal stimulation etc. if you just want a reduction on the chest, read the FAQs, check out several places, and get only 2-3 treatments for just a reduction.

I agree! Search the forum and read up on male facial hair removal. I have posted my viewpoint in that thinning is not realistic for the beard. Mine has been partially removed in patches with some hair eliminated in a small area with only one treatment. Of couse, I have 6 treatments on my chin as well and the hair there is still healthy! So, beware!