Can I bring my own needles?

Hi, having read through a lot of posts on here and looked at people’s pictures and read comments on these, I’m a bit concerned that my skin might be reacting too much to electrolysis, as I get a lot of red bumps, which scab up after a couple of days. Several people have mentioned the Laurier insulated bulbous probe, and I am wondering whether, if my electrologist doesn’t have this in her salon (I’m guessing not), I can order some needles and bring them with me? Do they fit all equipment? I’m having thermolysis.

Speak with your electrologist first.
There are different types of needles and some require a different type of shank size.
You will need to know if she/he is using a short or medium or long and why.
You will need to know about the needle diameter that can vary from a #1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6.
You will have to know if she/he is using insulated or not.
You will need to know what electrolysis modality he/she is using.
Hopefully you will have a smart and skilled enough electrologist who can determine how the needle change variable will effect her/his other settings.

Be polite and courteous in asking the questions Arlene pointed out, but also keep in mind that you will be paying from $2 to $3 per probe that normally would be part of the electrologist’s expenses. That’s not a huge expense per session, but an expense you’ll be paying. As such, a wise electrologist should at least consider agreeing to your offer/request, simply because they will be saving that expense per session.

The other important thing to remember is that when using the Laurier IBP, all of the electrolysis energy is focused at the bulbous tip of the probe. As such, less energy is generally required to achieve the same result. When this energy is properly focused at the bottom of the follicle, there is less irritation to the upper/external layers of the skin. Reactive swelling can still occur, but is generally lessened as well.

Good luck!