Can Electrolysist remove fine hairs like Eyebrows?

just wondering… and is there a lot of guys out there who does electrolysis? kinda embarassed to call in for consultation…

Yes, electrolysis is the only safe hair removal of eyebrows.

The ratio of men to women in this industry is more like 1 in 10 or even less.

Since you are in violation of pet peeve number one on HairTell, (No Location In Profile) we can’t tell you if you are near a good male electrologist in your area.

They would be glad to have you as a client. Don’t feel embarrassed in the slightest.


Don’t be embarassed about having electrolysis done on your eyebrows. I have mothers bring their high school aged sons in for treatment and I also have adult men schedule appointments for themselves.

Your eyebrows will retain their masculine look and your appearance will be enhanced. Usually the area between the brows is cleared of hairs.

My female electrologist suggested it to me! She says that she loves to do eyebrows. Just be sure to say that you want to not aggressively attack the unibrow (my electrologist is a bit too enthusiastic)