Can electrolysis work on only one area, under the jaw?

I’ve been shaving the area under my chin for 10 years, it’s probably about a 4" x 4" area going from under the jaw down the throat. It was a stupid decision I made before I realized I could use a depliatory. Luckily I didn’t shave my whole face!! Anyhow, this makes me miserable and I’m seriously considering electrolysis, but I ony want it on this one area to get rid of the stubbly man-like hairs that I have every day. I’m ok with using the depilatory on my face and it works well for me. Is a 4x4 " area big in the realm of electrolysis? Will the difference be so striking that the rest of my face would look funny? Is it harder to remove hair that is shaved?

Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve been trying to check out the pictures on the link posted for Tina Marie but I’m not getting connected to it.

The area you speak of is not large, and you should be able to get full clearance in an appointment or two depending on how many hairs you really have per square centimeter, and the speed of the electrologist you are using, and the number of hairs that can safely be removed in that area at one time in the treatment techniques your practitioner is utilizing.

You may be happy to know that shaving did not make the hairs thicker, or more prevelent. You did nothing wrong. Depilating has a greater chance of thickening and darkening hairs than shaving does. Once you get that under chin area taken care of, you may decide that you want to work your way up and into the face so that you can stop doing anything but washing your face in the morning.


If you have that much hair in this area and new hair comes in every day, it raises a red flag for an underlying hormonal disorder. These disorders have far reaching complications, in addition to making hair grow in all the wrong places. If I may suggest that you see your endocrinologist to conduct appropriate hormonal testing. If your hormones are not in order, you may experience more new hair growth in this, as well, as other areas. Electrolysis will permanently remove the hair that’s already there, but abnormal hormonal levels may stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow new hair. Luckily, this condition (if you have it) is treatable. Still, if it is left untreated, it tends to progress itlesf. On the other hand, if your hormones are in good order, you’ll, at least, feel relieved.

You should definitely consider electrolysis in either case. The area you describe is not very big, and I have seen drastic improvement after just a few sessions. By “drastic improvement” I mean that with a face that took 1.5 - 2 hrs to clear initially, after a few sessions, the client comes in every two months for a 10 min clean up. (And the 10 min include the eye brows, that weren’t initially treated). This client used to shave regularly, but now, as James has put it above, she only washes her face in the morning. She is not totally finished yet, but only she and I know this. In everyone else’s eyes she has a beautiful clear and smooth skin. What a nice alternative to facing yourself in the mirror every morning, while reaching out for the razor, and worrying if someone has noticed your hair throughout the day!

You face may take even less time, the above is just a recent example. An important point to stress, however, is that you must find a competent electrologist to do the job.

The best of luck!

Thanks for the replies! I have had my hormone levels checked before. What I have going against me is I’m Italian and all the females in my family struggle with this! I’m very lucky all the rest of my hair on my body or face is very light blonde. If I hadn’t shaved underneath I’d be quite content.

I’ve read all the stuff about laser and electrolysis and I wonder if you can answer me this - for a small section like I have, which would be quicker? Which is more painful? I’m a wicked chicken and I’m really looking to have this done fast in order to keep the pain to a minimum.

Electrolysis is the only way to get it done in such a way to get to a point to where you forget ever having a problem. The best case situations I have heard of have laser leaving 40% of the hair for one to still find an electrologist to remove when you are left with thick white hairs.

Pain is relative, and varies with individual, practitioner, anesthetics, equipment and techniques utilized.