Can electrolysis on ethnic male beard cause...

ingrown hairs?

I’m just curious because the way I look at things - if I have bad reactions and generally poor results on my arms (as I have with my first electrologist), I can at least take comfort in the fact that said results are not easily visible and would not really be visible unless someone’s looking for them.

However, if I were to have the same ingrown hair issue/KP-like bumps on my face, it could be irreversibly disfiguring.

I’d love to shape my beard slightly. I estimate there to be around 40-ish hairs at most I’d like targeted.

Since this is the face - there wouldn’t be the same tension as there is around the elbow area where I developed so many ingrown hairs.

Not to mention, I had a good first appointment with my new electrologist and anticipate having excellent results with an amazing electrologist like our very own Dee.

But, my skin is odd and there’s only so much an electrologist can do. If there’s some reasonable doubt to be had here (with some science to back it up) then I’d avoid the face entirely just to be safe.

My first electrologist was a great person and was sincerely invested in taking care of my needs given my bad reactions, but the first thing I noticed with my new electrologist was that they went out of there way to ensure the proper insertion approach was taken. I had to lay down in an awkward position - but that was a non-issue of course. It got the job done AFAIK. I have no PIH that I can see.

The bumps are still there but these are from the summer with my first electrologist and I think in time it will resolve (knock on wood).

So finally (sorry for the long-winded comment):

Is it logistically possible for ingrown hairs to occur on the face? The hairs in-question are few (relatively) and far in-between (relatively).