Can electrolysis fail to work?

I’m hoping you folks can help me out here. I’ve had about six electrolysis treatments (blend method) on my face so far. I by no means have a beard or mustache or anything, but I have some coarse hairs on my chin area and a lot of fine dark hairs on the underside of my chin. I am not seeing nearly the results I expected. I still have a lot of growth from the same areas that were treated. My electrologist has been on vacation for a couple weeks so I’ve really been able to see the growth. Also, my electrologist doesn’t seem to be seeing the finer (but dark) hairs. Is is possible that electrolysis just isn’t working? Or could it be the method? Should I try thermolysis (which I’d like to, since the blend method takes forever)? I’m frustrated and feel like I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars. How can I make sure the electrologist can see all the hairs I can see? I’ve decided to stop treatment for now, but if I resume it, I will likely go to someone else.

  • Hair grows in cycles. How long have you been doing treatments? I’m guessing a couple months if it’s only 6 treatments? If so, it’s too early to judge anything. You have to get a clearance of all offending hair at least once a month for 12-18 months to kill hair in all cycles of growth. After 8 months or so, you’ll be able to go a lot in less frequently as there will be minimal hairs left if everything is done correctly.

  • Unless you’re not feeling the hairs release easily after being zapped or are basically feeling the hairs being plucked, there is no reason to assume it’s not working. It’s just a process that you have to commit to knowing that results won’t be visible for a bit due to hair cycles, i.e. when you remove the hair that’s there today, in 6 weeks NEW hair from the next growth cycle comes in and needs to be killed. And some hairs may need to be zapped more than once.

No, electrolysis never fails, people are who fail, sometimes because they can not interpret the results of a good job, sometimes it just because has not done a good job.

So is it normal to have been getting electrolysis since July and still be getting growth a week after your appt.?

Well, it depends. What kind of growth? Is it the same kind of growth you had before you started electrolysis?

Or is it a more downy kind of growth, with a lot less coarse hairs than before?

still coarse on my neck but a lot softer on the cheek area

You never answered my questions, so it’s hard to help. How many treatments? How often? Are you clearing ALL hairs during every treatment?

I’ve had around 13-15 treatments, which is a total of 13 hours. For the first month and a half it was weekly. Now its every two weeks. Yes every hair is being cleared. Sorry I wasn’t more clear before.

It sounds like you’re making some progress… Neck can be very difficult to get right.