Can anyone tell me about EpiTouch Alexandrite?

I finally found a place in my area that does LHR, that’s medically affiliated. Talked to the man who does it today, he’s a nurse practitioner & has an assistant who helps him, and there’s also a Dr. on staff at the clinic. It sounds like what I’ve been looking for. This place uses an alexandrite EpiTouch. Was just wondering if anyone who has had experiences with the EpiTouch could share them with me.
Now that it seems like it’s actually going to happen, I’m starting to get a little nervous…but the thought of not plucking (my method of removal before I started shaving so I could have laser) my face for an hour everyday before I can put make-up on, sounds really really good. :grin:

EpiTouch is fine, as long as there are cooling methods used. You may want to ask them the questions on the laser questionnaire to get specific details about what to expect.

I think you have to worry more about the skill of the practicioner.

Ive been to two places, both have the same machine, while one gave me terribly patchy results on my arms even after 2 treatments, the other gave me good results on my legs after only 1 treatment

The SAME machine, Sharplan Epitouch (alexandrite), was used.