Can anyone say anything good about IPL?

The laser clinic I have been going to has recently changed over from Lightsheer to IPL. I found this out about 9 weeks ago when I went in for my (3rd) treatment only to see a new machine waiting for me. I allowed the treatment to go ahead, with a mind to swapping clinics afterwards (to find a place where I could continue with Lightsheer).

So far, I’ve been having trouble finding another good place that uses the Lightsheer (a couple of other ‘big’ places also use IPL or a SLP diode). There are a couple of clinics that use Lightsheer in my area, but they tend to be smaller, and I’m not sure how reputable they are.

I’m booked in for my 4th treatment (my second with IPL) in 2 weeks, and I’m not sure if I should cancel.

Basically it comes down to this: should I go with a reputable clinic that I know that has IPL, or should I take my chances with a new clinic that has Lightsheer?

Can anyone say anything good about IPL? I’ve only ever really heard negative things …

Thanks (in advance)

I would go in for a test patch with the clinics that have the lightsheer and see what happens. What amount of joules can the IPL be turned up to? If it can’t go very high then I dont think it will work. Do a search on the machine also on the internet. I did a search on a machine that i was thinking about and it saved me alot of wasted time and money.

I have been treated thhis year with the Aurora system, which is IPL combined with RF. Is it as good as the Lightsheer? I can’t say yet, it’s too early to tell long term. I seem to have had slightly better hair reduction on my upper arms and sides of my chest compared to my last Lightsheer treatment. There is less post treatment pain and redness than with the Lightsheer, which had much less pain and redness than the Apogee. The Aurora would be especially good to use on areas that are more visible when wearing clothes, such as the forearms and beard due to the very low level of scabbing.

To me the Lightsheer is a proven hair removal device and the Aurora is a new technology so the jury is still out on it yet. But so far I like it a lot.

You may try a treatment or even a test patch and see if you are happy with the results. If not, find a qualified practitioner that uses the Lightsheer.