Can anyone recommend an Electrologist in Leeds (UK

I am new here but have spent a few days reading around and am now very firmly fixed on having electrolysis. I have always had a problem with facial hair but since I hit 30 it’s just gone nuts!
Now I am 41 and having just had a hysterectomy, I just want to feel like a woman!
I understand electrolysis is the only permanent method and that’s good enough for me. It’s just a relief to be honest that there is a permanent method!
Reading around I wish I was in the US or Malaga (looking at you Josefa) or Scotland (Mairi) but I am based near Leeds so need to look for a therapist near me that will do the job.
I know it’s a long haul thing but slow and steady wins the race.
I just want to win this race though so how will I know if my therapist isn’t doing the job effectively if it takes a long time to see results?
I see these amazing clearance jobs on here that some of you do which I appreciate are hour upon hour of work and seem to do 3 or 4 of those and then everything is just occasional clean up.
Or there seems to be another route of half an hour every week.
Which is the best route?
I want to start of my chin, underchin and nipples to begin with.
Then upper lip, sideburns area.
Sorry for the essay!

Sky I’m afraid I don’t have anything to add, but will definitely be keeping an eye on this thread as I also am in the search of an electrologist in the North.

That makes three of us! I’ve had a look online and found a few (try and type in electrolysis and leeds) but I haven’t got around to contacting any just yet as I’m searching a bit closer to where I am just now.

I have had one full session with an electrologist in ossett, Wakefield but I can’t recommend her right now because of some scabbing issues that I need to check about lol.

Good luck you two! I’ll be watching this thread :slight_smile:

The best option is to have a few consultations with a test patch, this way you can gauge the skill of the the electrologist ie smoothness of insertion, no tweezing and your skin reaction. The BIAE should be a good place to start, make sure the electrologist is licensed though their local council this ensures hygiene, safety and sterilizion procedures are in place. There is good electrologists around it is a matter of finding them.
Sky123, in regard to what route is best to remove the hair, its really what method suits your options best. Most marathon sessions are done out of necessity when clients don’t have a skilled electrologist nearby or the electrologist is only able to do short treatments. Many clients and electrologists prefer shorter more frequent appointments, particularly on facial areas. Both methods of working will have the same outcome.

Thank you for your replies.
I phoned an electrologist yesterday from the BIAE website.
She didn’t inspire me with confidence though because she said it takes 3 or 4 goes of each hair to kill it, and only works two mornings a week (plus was going to be away for a month or so after my initial consultation and i want to get cracking)
This electrologist just does Thermolysis and whereas from reading on here all modalities of electrolysis work well in the hands of the right person, I wondered what would happen if this modality wasn’t right for my hair. Would she keep on regardless?
In any case she didn’t seem to be convinced any hair could be killed first go whereas I thought from reading on here that if it is electrolysised (did I make that word up?) correctly and was in anagen stage then it would be killed first time.

Most electrologists have been taught the hair grows in 6-12 week cycles, so treating the cycle 3-4x (9-12 months) gets rid of the hair permanently. However it’s more likely hair can take up to 9 months for the hair to pass through all the cycles meaning its not the same hair getting treated every 3 months. Which ever way an electrologists explains it, if they are able to remove hair permanently over 9-18 months you will be fine.
As long as hair is being removed correctly full follicle being treated with easy release you will get on fine.

Sky, I’ve read on here that the electrologist talks about killing the hair’ ‘3 or 4 times’ is them trying to simplify the explanation of dormant hairs being activated? So it could be that or it could just mean that their kill rate is low or something. I don’t know, one of the pros will help you out but that’s a possible explanation?

Finding someone closer?

My client from Winchester (UK) will be arriving September 9, for his third-and-final clearance (back, shoulders, and neck). Afterward, he will need one or two “pick-up” sessions in about 3 - 6 months. He will be journeying to Scotland to see “the BEST in the UK.” She posts here all the time and is reported to be the best-of-the-best (I believe it): Mairi Hawkes.

Is it worth the trip? Well, not disparaging anyone in your neighborhood (I don’t know them), but a “sure thing” is better than “hoping for the best?”

For my Winchester client, the trip to Scotland is going to be, well, somewhat easier than his three trips to Santa Barbara (California)? (Think about that!)

Indeed, his photos will be posted here on Hairtell to graphically illustrate what electrolysis CAN and DOES do without worrying about any “what kind of skin and hair do you have” parameters … “spot-size … joules” blah blah blah! You know: electrolysis = GUARANTEED PERMANENT with no excuses?

Leeds is not all that far from Scotland (I checked the map). I think a drive is possible, and an overnight (?) … and worth it! (I’m heading to Scotland in the Spring, just for fun! I’ll be wearing Campbell tartan, or maybe Williamson; going over with a Williamson! All good for an Italian! Scottish games?)

Do you want to be “plucked” for years, or is it worth it to “git ‘er done” by a guaranteed expert? (Let her design a programme for you.) Stop messing around and just get to it!

Note: for electrolysis on my own back, I went to June Brennan in Newport Beach (best-of-the-best). That’s less than the distance from Leeds to Oban. You can do this!

Too bad our Follizap decided to leave the profession. :frowning: Otherwise, he would have become one of the BEST.

Thankyou Michael. However there will be good electrologists around quietly and busily working away they just don’t have an online profile. Many other electrologists in the UK are improving their skills, and one of my clients(Manchester based) is training just now and will be very good in the future.

Michael you must visit Oban, I’m in the middle of Campbell country. Inveraray castle is the seat of the Campbell’s, you’ll be able to meet the Duke of Argyll!!

Michael thank you for you replies.
I had emailed Mairi and Mairi you’ve been lovely, got your reply this morning.
I think I will try and find someone nearer and bear you in mind for when I’ve got my face under control as I want my legs doing at some point.
So I will save you for best! :wink: