Can anyone give me more info?

I’m in interested in buying a used Apilus sm-500, but as there’s not much details available on the net about it, I hope somebody can help me out with a few things I need to know about before I go ahead and purchase it…

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’ll really appreciate everyone’s help, I didn’t want to buy the machine when I’m still doubtful about these issues:

  1. I’ve read in other topics on Hairtell, that a code is needed to access the machine, can ‘used machine’ owners contact Dectro direct (in case machine is locked), or do they only help official buyers of the machine?

  2. Are needle holders and other parts available to buy for the sm-500? As I’ve read this machine has been discontinued…

  3. I live in the UK, so will I have any issues with using the power supply? …Is it just a matter of getting a plug converter?

The code situation is to thwart thieves. The seller needs to give you a letter stating that you purchased it from them, and dectro will service the unit, once it is satisfied that it is not stolen merchandise.

All accessories are still available and supported by Dectro at this time. The only item I am aware of that is no longer available is the add on printer unit.

While a plug converter may be a solution for you, if this is not one of the units that switches to UK current with the change of a plug, one CAN have the power supply swapped out by Dectro. I have heard of this being done before. :wink:

Thanks James,
I bought the sm-500 before I read your response (it was on Ebay, and thought it was best I get it before it goes), just a couple more questions regarding what you say, please!

  1. As i got it from Ebay, do you think it’s likely Decro would be satisfied if I got a letter from the seller?

  2. If Decro have to service it, does that mean sending it ALL the way back to US again?! DO you know if there are Decro branches here in the UK?

  3. I’ll try the plug converter, hopefully it’ll work, but just in case the plug isn’t enough, how would I know? Does the machine simply not work?
    If the machine does turn on with the converter BUT it’s not the solution, I wouldn’t know… - I don’t want the machine to overheat or something(!) …Any tips here?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The converter will work just fine. The power supply solution is just for those who don’t want to use the converter, because they machine is never assumed to be returning to the US or Canada.

The Ebay sale should have some form of confirmation in it. Dectro will need the serial number and will look up the confirmed chain of possession when you contact them and put you on as the current owner and let you register it to yourself. Not many SM-500’s in the EU, so won’t be hard to find yours if anyone tries to use it.

If you should need to service the main unit, you would be best off sending it back to the main location in Quebec City, Canada, or a US service center. I am not sure about the coverage in your country, but I am sure that if there are more local options, the nice folks at Dectro would share that with you if you give them a call.

I am glad you got the machine. I am even happier still that they lowered the price to something a little more reasonable than what they had it when they first put it up.

Hi James, and anyone else who reads this…
Okay, just received the machine, looking at the manual it says:

POWER: 120 V.AC, 60 HZ
240 V.AC, 50 HZ (optional)

…so am I looking to get a step-down converter like this:

or will something like this do?

I’ve also noticed the ‘ground plug’(top pin) is round on the unit, whereas on the second converter in link above is round but flat top bit…

If I get this one - I’m not going to blow the fuse here am I?

guys, some help here please! :slight_smile:

Ok, I called my pals at Dectro (oh, my, I said pals, now they will deny ever knowing me), and they said that while the best thing, if the machine were to stay in the UK would be a $100 power supply swap (don’t forget the shipping both ways) you could save money by just getting a good power converter.

They said to make sure you get a quality one that will deliver current at 110 - 120. A current of 80 would be too low, and over 120 would be a bad thing.

Looks like this would be a better choice.

Thanks ever so much James! :slight_smile:

You’ve just solved my problem! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get the power supply swapped, in case I didn’t find a decent converter… if the transformer works fine, that’s good enough for me…
thanks for the link, and all the help so far, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I am a newbie here so please forgive me if I get the rules wrong.

An electrologist friend gave me an old Kree 1001 and I can’t find the manual, I know I saw it but is has hidden itself. I powered the machine up and it does work. It looks pretty primitive; it has an on/off switch, a knob for intensity and a knob for time. There is a foot pedal and a probe wire with the needle holder.

What I would like to know is how to tell if I need F or K needles. Should I buy both to see which fit? Also helpful would be advice on what kind, size and length needles I should get. Is this machine appropriate for thermo-coagulation? I have a multi-purpose skin machine and it has an electrified probe that I have tried (on myself only) but it has constant current and makes my hand jump like crazy when I hit a nerve!

I am assuming that this machine is thermolosys only because ther is only one line coming from it so there is no ground to use galvanic return.

Any help will be most appreciated!

Kree models are outdated and I’m pretty sure the circuitry would be unreliable. Try hunting on eBay for a more up to date machine, you can find them cheap on there.

Didn’t know what a 1001 model was… Anyway F shank needles are sort of a universal thing among epilators, the only problem is you need a good F shank probe holder with good wiring, I.e not wires that haven’t been in use for years. And yes it is a thermolysis only machine.

Bottom line:
F shank probe holder
F3’s are always a good starting point if you’re a man, F2 will give you less diameter around the needle and obviously F4 will give you more, it depends on the area you’re treating.
Be careful, you sound new to this.

Thank you for your response! I appreciate your time. My friend also gave me three books that I will read before I try to use said machine and I will definately start at the low settings. I will practice a lot without current to get the feel of the resistance of the root.

I’m going to recommend two things. First, your question isnt related to the original thread. It might be a good idea to start a new thread if you expect answers to your question.

Second, if you are just starting to use electrolysis, it might not be a good idea to use the machine at all. Though I’m no expert as much as many of the pro’s around here, you probably want to learn to do gavonic first, not thermolysis. So if it’s a strait thermolysis machine, it might be of limited use to you. I turned down one such similar machine, for that very reason.


Hi lannjo. Just some words of caution…

I might have missed it, but what area are you trying to treat?

What I’m getting at is, I hope you are not trying to treat your face. I remember using an old Kree unit at my school (there were all kinds of epilators, old and new). I remember the Kree being very sparky and hot as described by one of the instructors. I did some knuckle work on one of the instructors and she was pissed that I scabbed her. I was on level one, a low level, indeed. I wish I knew what I know now and my response to her would have been, “Well, give a a piece of cr… And what do you expect?”.

You should not use this epilator on your face or neck. In fact, most epilator manuals warn that these units are for professional use only, so think about that warning. Just don’t want you to scar yourself.

Seana, Dee, thank you both for your advice, I think i will just get rid of that old machine and read posts here to determine the best course for me.

Ok, I will say this again (though time will separate the two posts I am saying this in).

I may have been an Electrolysist for longer than many of you have been alive, and I would NOT use thermolysis to work on MY face, if I were doing work on MYSELF. Let that sink in.

It is one thing to work on someone else, totally another thing to work on yourself. thermolysis is least forgiving of your errors, and working on yourself is going to guarantee you don’t get good insertions, and can’t hold the probe in place well.

We reccommend you get a machine that does galvanic, and blend. Start out with Galvanic, move up to Blend, and only then, if you dare, try thermolysis, but I would leave that to working on an electrolysis buddy, not working on yourself, for the reason described above.

Lannjo, if you are looking for a machine, I recommend kijiji or other local forsale sites over ebay. Generally about a billion less people bidding up prices. In my experience, the cost is about 1/2 what you would pay for the same machine on ebay. Look for something that does blend and you can do all 3 modes of electrolysis when you are ready. For comparison, I picked up a silouette tone sb2 for $150 plus $40 for shipping off my local kijiji site. I’ve rarely seen similar machines go for much less than $400 on ebay. I also could have picked up an apilus for $600, but you could expect the same machine to go for $1000 + on ebay.