can anybody help?

Hi there!

Has anybody heard of the Elysee Electro Soft Touch Permanent Hair Removal yet, shall I buy it and could I use it to remove some hair around nipples? I obviously don’t want to end up with permanent scares and really don’t know whether it is save or not.

I just copied the describtions for you:

Electrolysis technology with no needles.
Cotton buds and conductive gel for single treatments.
Self-adhesive pads for multiple treatments.
Handheld control unit with built-in sensor and automatic timer/buzzer with LED indicators.
Includes 3 self-adhesive pads with lead and jack plug, 2 x 15ml jars of conductive gel, 6 cotton buds, travel case and batteries.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: Not recommended for people with heart pacemakers, moles, varicose veins or during pregnancy.

Any suggestions?
Thanx, L

Hey Lisa…it’s a scam, I even had a professional performing this on my chin and lip and brows and I was paying her and it didn’t work…the only home unit that actually works is the One Touch I believe.
I have one and it’s fairly easy to use and it does have a probe that goes into the follicle to destroy the hair root.

You can find all the info you need about this topic at and there’s also links to products there.

Let us know what you decide.


Hi Lisa – the Elysse is a scam to avoid. Save your money.