Can any laser tech, doctor, or laser clinic provide CLINICAL EVIDENCE.

I am searching for a doctor, laser clinic, laser tech that can provide [color:“blue”] [/color] CLINICAL EVIDENCE [color:“black”] [/color] of success on a man’s back, arms, or shoulders long-term. Please don’t give me testimonials, only clinical data. Please don’t give me the patient confidentiality crap either. Thanks!!!

have you checked the hairfacts website for links to clinical trials? also, there was another document someone posted a few weeks ago here with some clinical trial data.

Thanks lagirl,

I looked at hairtell for links to clinical trials, but they are all dated 2000 and prior. There should be some clinical evidence of people like me, who started treating 2-5 years ago.

Hi, new to the site, and i was wondering if you knew of any “recent” clinical studies as well.

most of the newer FDA approved for permanent hair reduction ahve been within the last studies posted on hairfacts.

The studies I can find are all linked directly to specific laser manufacturers. I am looking for something a little more “independant”.

Thanks in advance

this is the best one I’ve seen posted lately:

Nothing out there. We are wanting a clinical trial where laser is proven beyond a doubt effective. It will be a long long time before this happens. It’s hit or miss…that is the plain truth. Yes some are better candidates but even then it isn’t always successful. Drug companies call some drugs a success even when they are only 20% better than a placebo.
Expect nothing, give it a try, follow what the pros say on this site for joules/laser type and hope you’re one of the successful hairless happy customers.

I read the trial lagirl suggessted but all these trials show results 3,6,9, or 12 months after treatment. I have talked to many clinics who have all said they have treated thousands of men’s backs and been open for several years; therefore, they should know the results of at least some of their earlier treated patients. Most of the commonly used lasers have been out for at least 2-4 years. I have talked to a couple of owners and doctors of clinics who said they have successfully treated themselves but refuse to provide me any clinical evidence. This makes absolutely no sense at all. If a doctor had great success there would be no better advertisement than his own clinical results. Also, a doctor can release his own results and not worry about patient confidentiality. That is why I have chosen the road I have by getting 2 4x4 patches with 2 different lasers and closely monitoring the results. I realize we all are trying to achieve the same thing, but IF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TREATED FOR LASER HAIR REMOVAL, ESPECIALLY MEN, AND NOT 1 LONG-TERM (2-3 YEARS AFTER LAST TREATMENT)CLINICAL PIECE OF EVIDENCE IS AVAILABLE, THERE MUST BE A REASON. IF YOU CAN NOT SEE THIS YOU ARE IN DENIAL.

try sending a private message to “hairlessinla” who used to visit this forum somewhat often. he’s a male and had laser done about 5 years ago when they first came out.

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How do I send a private message to him? I don’t know how to do that, but am more than willing to.

find one of his posts and click on his nickname. there will be an option to send a private message on the next page that appears.

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I have sent him a private message and will let you know when he responds. Just to update you on what I will be doing assuming I am satisfied with the initial consultations, I have decided on 2 lasers, a gentlelase and a sciton. I am having the gentlelase done by a lady who serves as the leader in Texas for the society of clinical and medical hair removal and has been involved in hair removal including electrolysis for around 25 years. I am having the Sciton done at the University of Texas Department of Plastic Surgery and Laser Research Center. Both of these clinics are very helpful and willing to take pictures, give me copies of settings, and even want to monitor and see the results of the other laser. I have chosen these 2 so far because of experience, not cost. These are 2 of the more expensive clinics in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I tried to post this yesterday but for some reason, it didn’t go through. So, if this seems a little out of place, that’s why:

You’ve got a very good point. I would love to see some good clinical data as well. As you say, clinics or spas that do this could easily provide factual data based on their own clientele. That would be a great way to advertise.

As for myself, I’ve had good results and the last treatment I’ve had on my legs was near the end of last March. So far, so good. Of course, that isn’t a complete removal but only about a 60 percent (or more) reduction with the remaining hair being much finer and lighter. Perhaps, time might change things so we shall see.