Calling it quits.

I would like to find out how many people out there have their hair problems on their mind every minute of every day as I do. It cosumes my life. I tried laser. Probably spent $7000 of my hard earned money on it with very minimal results. What next? $15,000-$20,000 on electrolysis with no definite guarantees?

Nobody around me, at least that I know of, has the same problems. Maybe they are confined to their homes. I hate having to plan my life around waxing and shaving. I won’t dare start a relationship with anybody cause once they see me close it will be over. It has happened before. I believe I would be hapily married with a family by now if I were normal. Instead this day will never come.

Why can’t we be normal like everybody else. Why can’t we concentrate our efforts to other things like helping needy people in the world, instead of rotting away at this desperate attempt of being human. When is it time to throw in the towel? How can we win the race when there is no finish line?

I wish you all the best of luck.

Don’t feel too bad. You are not the only one with laser results such as yours, even with very incredible results from other folks.

With a competent practitioner of electrolysis though, the science of the procedure will ensure that it works for you. The only thing stopping you is not going on the recommended schedule or an electrologist who doesn’t know what they are doing.

From the monetary figure you quote, it sounds as if you have a large area you would like to clear. Perhaps starting on a smaller section, or at least one section, first, would not cost you $15,000-$20,000. This would also give you an idea of how much you like the results, and you could begin budgeting for the next session. (See an electrolygist first though and they can give you an idea of what to expect, both time wise and price wise.)

One last thing. There are folks who have attested to positive results of electrolysis following laser sessions so don’t forget that.

And yes, while it certainly is more desirable of a goal, we can’t eliminate poverty yet. However, there are folks out there who can elimate hair. Give them a call instead of calling it quits.


If you read this one and the other laser hair removal forums, you will find LOTS of people in your same situation and dealing with it on an everyday basis. I find that not everyone is superficial and some people just don’t care about hair. So don’t let that stop you from having relationships. There are many other more important things that matter in life and in people.

On another note, what kind of laser was used on you? Do you know how many treatments, what settings? What is your skin and hair type? What areas did you have treated?

It’s important to share this information on this forum to help out others when deciding among lasers and practitioners since there are so many incompetent ones and you may also find there was a reason for why you didn’t get results with your treatments. Most of the time, there usually is.

Another thing I recommend, if you haven’t done so already, is to get tested for insulin resistance and other possible causes of extreme hair growth. There might be medication out there that can treat it, or at least help.

Good luck.

Hi Matt:

Some women like hairy men, so don’t feel it is all bad.

I agree with the poster who said you should concentrate on one area with electrlolysis. For me that was the face.
I had laser there before. I am currntly getting my hands and wrists lasered and electrolysis on my face.

Laser is for hair reduction and usually won’t entirely clear an area permanently. It should help reduce the density of the hair.


Hi Matt,

I really like hairy men! I think it started when I watched Magnum PI and saw that hairy chest of Tom Selleck’s! Then I fell in love with a young man when I was 19. Although he’s Asian, he had a hairy chest, hairy back (long thick black hairs btw) and hairy earlobes! My goodness! Yet, you know what? I loved him even more because of it. Heck, I would have loved him hairless too! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

There is one proviso to my story.

The only hairy thing I find a turn-off is a monobrow but hey, if my man had one, I’d still love him (while making an urgent booking at the electrologists for the following day!).

Is being concerned about male hair a recent thing? I’m worried that all the men out there will start zapping their hairs. I find hairiness masculine. It’s completely normal (minus the monobrow). I understand that it’s an aesthetic ideal in certain sections of the gay community but in the wider hetero one, women find hair on men completely normal - to be expected. The only women I’ve ever heard complain were Asian (Oriental) women who are used to Asian men without as much hair in comparison to Westerners.

So Matt, please don’t allow your life to be ruled by this fear of something you can actually embrace. Hair on one’s body is normal and any woman who would reject someone because of it is IMHO definitely in the minority.

Take care,


You know, I seem to have the same problem as matt. I’m a guy, consumed with being hairless. I’ve not gone as far as he has, but I do continue to wax and shave my body, including arms, legs, pubic, chest, etc, etc, etc… that’s why I joined this web site, because I really want to find a better way, that lasts longer. I’ve read through the articles, and I think I’ve decided to buy a Uniprobe lite, and exchange hair removal with a female friend. Allot of girls do think guys should have hair, I’ve had discussions with my female friends, and most of them are of the opinion that guys should have hair, however, the ones who spend more time on themselves, usually the prettier ones, either don’t mind it, or actually like it. the girls who don’t care about how they look simply think it’s gross. the other night I spent the night with by far the best looking girl I’ve gone on a date with, and I attribute it to starting to care about how I look, tanning, and waxing, and doing my eyebrows, adding highlights to my hair, wearing layered clothing, and dressing like I care about myself… with most girls I am interested in, I don’t point out the missing hair, it’s a subtle thing that just makes me distinctive, they don’t even usually notice. Unfortunatly, the girl I stayed with had smoother legs than I did, so she noticed, but didn’t care. I still woke up there, and we even briefly discussed her attempts at haveing her under arms laser treated. However, I can’t keep shaving and waxing. I can’t afford the waxing, and it seems when I shave I irritate the skin, and give myself red bumps everywhere, which is so much less attractive than body hair. So, I have decided not to quit, but simply put things on hold until I read enough, know enough, and find a way to do it properly without pouring thousands of dollars into it. I think the uniprobe lite is the answer, but I’m going to read more and learn more before I jump into it.


Hi Metro Man,

I take impeccible care in my appearance (I used to model) and my job means I have to take extra care. The men I date are absolutely gorgeous too but they take care of their appearance in good hair cuts, clean shaven, good clothing, scents etc. They are highly polished. Hair is a masculine trait. None of them have ever removed their body hair yet they remain highly sought after for their looks, brains etc (the brain is certainly the sexiest organ!).

This hair removal obsession with men is slightly effeminate, no? Please don’t think I’m knocking either yourself or anyone else here. Each to his own I say. But I do find this shift to the more feminine interesting to say the least.

From a personal perspective, I could not date a man who has removed his body hair unless it was for sports. I’d still be uncomfortable though.

Just my two bob’s worth.

to be perfectly honest with you, that isn’t the main reason I do it. there are lots of little reasons I do it, I wear pants outside in the summer for my job and it’s cooler. I just like smooth skin. I would have to say that the largest reason I do it is simply because it makes me feel good, I wear the clothing that I wear to feel good, I do my hair the way I do because it makes me feel good about myself. and I suppose if I was in a relationship with a girl who didn’t like it, and she some how convinced me to stop for her, then I wouldn’t feel quite as good. I was just reading in the shaving section a post on men who shave their legs, and there are well over a hundred posts from guys and girls alike who enjoy not having body hair themselves, or on their husbands or boyfriends. I may be limiting myself, and cutting off women who like hairy men, but I’m disgusted by it, and honestly I guess I wouldn’t want to be with a girl who liked hairy men. maybe I’m just shallow.


Thank you for your candid response.

I wouldn’t call it shallow - just different.

However, I think that counting over 100 ppl (men and women) who like shaving on these forums is not a true representation of society as this forum will attract those who are into the hairless look. Then of course, we are all coloured by who we choose to associate with and our circles of friends/associates would be very different (I presume) so perception of normality would vary accordingly.

We should also be wary of the media in what it chooses to present as the latest fads or trends. Only the other day they were announcing the death of the metrosexual just several years (if that) after he was born. I had spotted those who could have been accused of being a metrosexual but there weren’t many of them and they all looked like they’d hop onto any bandwagon.

I guess I find such obsession with looks slightly scary. Grooming is one thing, but… oh well… never mind. I’ll go back to hitting the books (have an exam to attend to).

In the meantime, for all those men out there who have been hearing about women who dislike hair on men and are starting to fret, take heed and know that this board is not representative of the population at large and there are other things more important to think about in the world today.

For men who like the hairless look - fine. Just try not to get obsessed <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I would say that most people who visit and post on this forum are somewhat obsessed/concerned about body hair in general, so I wouldn’t judge how everyone else feels about it based on their opinions. haha