CA govt stops HealthWest "medspa" laser franchises

Biring’s HealthWest ordered to stop franchise licensing
By IndUS News Wire
Sunday, August 15, 2004

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Manmohan Singh Biring’s Los Angeles-based medical spa company, HealthWest Inc., has been ordered to stop offering to sell franchises and licenses to operate “medspa” facilities in California for failing to obtain approval from the Department of Corporations as required by law.

According to the corporation department, Biring sold at least six franchises to non-physician California residents that have been providing medical services, which is in violation of the Medical Practice Act. This requirement was not disclosed to the franchise purchaser.

Additionally, HealthWest offered and sold purported “licenses” - which are in effect no different than franchises - for the same medspa businesses.

Further, Biring advertised to potential franchise purchasers that they could “own a prestigious business in the medical industry without a medical background” when in fact the services offered by the medspas, including laser hair removal, intense pulse light treatments, botox treatments and microdermabrasion, constitute medical services under California law. The owner of a medspa facility is therefore subject to the Medical Practice Act.

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This comapny operates under the name:

Inaara MedSpa
1999 Avenue of the Stars #1000 - Century City, CA 90067