CA Board of Cosmetology


I’ve been trying to find an electrologist in San Diego. I ran a search here, and 3 names came up. One who was recommended on this website (I like it because he works on weekends and I can book online), I started looking into. However, now I’m not sure. Many of the names people suggested here have been very good, so I take peoples’ suggestions here very strongly.

In searching for the electrologist, I came across this on BBB:

“On January 13 2012, Richard Charles Tanner, the owner of Executive Face & Body, pled guilty to multiple counts of practicing barbering/cosmetology/electrolysis without a proper license.”

I tried searching about this more, but couldn’t find anything anywhere else about it. Then I came across the CA Board of Cosmetology website ( On it, running a search, I came across this:

Name Type Number Status County

One of the expiration dates was in 2004 and one was in 2005. But then on his website, I can book an appointment for electrolysis, so I’m really confused about what is going on. The person who posted here who recommended him posted it in 2011. How accurate is the CA board being? Ugh, I’m so frustrated trying to find an electrologist here in SD. There is a woman here who came recommended as well on hairtell, but she only works weekdays, and between work and starting graduate school soon, finding someone on weekends would be much better for me.

So you say your cousin Vinny had a building contractor business back in, say 1995 to 2005, and all the workman’s compensation payments, healthcare plan, insurances, fees, and extortionist drains on the profitability of the business lead him to close the company. You want a new kitchen put in, and installation of new thermal windows. Did Vinny’s brain get vacuumed out of his head when his contractor’s license expired, or can you expect to get just as good a kitchen from cousin Vinny as you could have in 2004?

Maybe I should put it another way, if you failed to renew your driver’s license, would you be any less capable of driving your car from San Diego to New York? I dare say, the only difference would be your exposure to violence and punitive extortion at the hands of those who seek to see proof of protection money paid, and tax ID numbers posted (your license numbers, and stickers, and so on).

Oh, but it is all in the name of education and safety, so don’t worry about it. Pay no attention to the part of your brain that thinks this is extortionist behavior, it just your friendly big brother looking out for you… and making himself a silent partner in your business.


Did you try and make an appointment online? The website may still exist, even though he doesn’t have an active license.

I do imagine he would still do good work, even if he is no longer licensed. I guess I was looking at it like a medical license in that no one would really ever go to a doctor who lost his medical license. I don’t really know what the rules are for being licensed to be an electrologist, and whether or not having one’s license expire means I shouldn’t be treated by them.

I haven’t tried to make an appointment online. There are a couple reasons for this. Firstly, there are two options on the booking page: electrolysis ($40) and electrolysis session ($55). I’m not really sure what the difference is truthfully. Then on the information page of the website, an hour is $65 (which is one of the lower rates in SD), so I’m not really sure what matches with what. I think I can book a free consultation, so I might do that and spam him with all my questions. I sent him an email yesterday morning but didn’t hear back (I have found a very low email response rate to website emails in general for places here). I asked him if he still does electrolysis. Secondly was because I wasn’t sure if I should try a consultation when I wasn’t sure what was happening with the license issue.

So it looks like he has 2 websites:

The first one I found:

and then this one:!.html

No wonder I was so confused… also, the email address on the second website is different than the one on the first, but gmail can’t deliver to the second email address. hdsgfkhdasgfa… just shoot me -.-

Putting on my Devil’s Advocate hat, the only reason you avoid a doctor who has lost his license is the fact that he would have also lost his “hospital privileges” (strategic denial of resources). So although he could still tell you what is wrong with you, he can’t book a room for a surgery, and he can’t write you a prescription to get meds from a pharmacy. He would still have the same ability to diagnose problems, and help with solutions.

That, or the doctor killed a patient, though I assume an electrologist is less likely to cause their patient to die.