Buying my electrolysis machine

I dont know as much about that machine as some others here would. What I can tell you is they are no longer manufactured and were a manual blend machine which has both benefits and disadvantages from a learner/diy perspective. It could be a descent machine to learn with but you are unlikely to use it in a professional environment. Dont pay too much for it, if it goes much over $400 it’s not worth it.


buy with confidence. electrolysis machines don’t tend to go bad, that is one reason why most practitioners never upgrade, the old machine never breaks. Any problems with the machine can be fixed as easily as a stereo system.

What you will like about this unit is that the two pedal system allows you to control it with your feet like driving a car. One pedal for galvanic and one pedal for thermolysis. Any service needs could be taken care of by the unified hinkel-fischer company in california or texas electrolysis supply.

its also worth mentioning that one of the pictures notes a k shank needle holder. I’m not sure if they have an f shank as well as one of them.I think I see at least one f shankk holderbut I cant be certain.

Ok, now I must have both an f and a k shank needle holder? Each one works with a differen size of needles? I’m seriously thinking about buying this one if it doesn’t go over 300. If this machine has only one but not the other one does that make it not worth going for?

K and F shank accept same needle sizes. The K and F shank are different style of needles in the way they fit into the probe holder. K shanks are not popular as the F shank. In fact I haven’t seen a single electrologist use a K shank here.

You can buy the F shank probe holder for $30 if the unit doesn’t come with it.

Does anyone want to sell a working Silhouet Tone Sequentium 328 for a fair price? This is my back up machine and the motherboard just died on it.

Please let me know asap ! I never want to be without this backup!

I’m back with my annoying questions!
I haven’t bought a machine yet, the last one went over 600 so I didn’t buy it. I was also wondering about these strerex machines? They always come up on eBay with considerable prices. Anyone has anything to say about them?
I’m practicing insertion with only the needle and it is getting so much easier to insert it into the follicles withoug much pain

Sterex epilators are used extensively in the UK, and from reports I’ve heard are descent machines. You might have to watch they arent wired for UK current though.I cant say from experience, not having used one personally.I distinctl;y remember such practise several years ago! Here’s a couple tips:

Try inserting with a thicker probe. Watch the skin. When you see it dimple ever so slightly, pull back just a bit. That is dead bottom of the follicle. Practise looking for this, it can help guide you.


I spotted this kijiji add this morning:

That Apilus Junior for $450 is a bargain! As it’s localish to me if you are still looking for a machine, I could perhaps assist with the “face to face” aspect by testing it and arranging for shipping if you’d like, I think there is a good probability I’m going to be in contact with this seller to see the treatmen chair anyway

Edit: Dona, email me at if you want me to assist with this. The seller advised me it’s still available, and first come first served basis, and works well. If you want it you’ll need to arrange funds transfer for shipping and cost to me , and I’ll scoot over to gatineau and get it for you. Be aware that sometimes there is duty to paid for customs on your end, and that would be your responsibility.

That sounds great! Totally affordable, I will email u and we will see from where we can go!


I did some very ROUGH estimates based on what I know.

I packed up my apilus ina 12/X12X12 box, which should be approximately the same weight, but unfortunately cant find my scale, but I suspect total weight is under 20lbs.I checked and expedited parcel service to a random michigan post code was about $48. They advised to expect a $45( USD) duty on your end givent he type of device and value. US exchange rate is currently in your favour. So here’s some rough estimates as to expense:

US to can western union send in 10-15 minutes service …my partner who deals with this as a walmart customer service rep tells me this is about $30-$45 us
500 can ( rough cost on shipping $48 + $450 for the purchase) = $388 USD after conversion.

You would need to expect about the same, something around $50 for duty/import taxes on your end which would bring your total cost to about $450 US . Again, this is an estimate, I could be wrong on a number of factors, but have no problem putting some cash in an envelope and mailing back if there is excess.I dont have the financial means to help if there is a shortage unfortunately.


Thank you so much Seana for trying to help me out reaching my goal. Unlucky this option wouldn’t work with me. However, if that machine would have been listed on eBay I would have bought it! If anyone on this forum is willing to do so u can let me know! Also, there is a question I wanted to ask, a machine like Selhouette epil 100, from what I bread these machine have their own needles? Just curious

Guys this is the machine that I am planning to get! Mostly the seller accepts returns as well. I have been looking for a machine that preforms the three modalities. However,this one does thermolysis and the blend. I would appreciate if anyone has an experience or idea … As I am reading my old posts I realized I had lots of typos, thanks to the new technology I can type as fast as I wish leaving it to th autocorrecter lol
Thanks again and again

A blend machine with manual controls can do pure galvanic by turning the thermolysis all the way off. But blend tends to be recommended over pure galvanic (or pure thermolysis) for DIY’ers anyway.

I want also to know what size of needles I can use on my stomach hairs some of the hair is caorse and dark the rest is finer I guess a better idea to take pics of it and post it here… The most annoying part is my chin. I have a scar and ingrown hairs and the hair is considerably thick with most of it dark it literally a forest. I have the golden ballet brand needles and those won’t work on these finer hairs. Is it a good idea to buy all possible needle sizes? I’m also practicing insertion on my leg I find that the needle slides easier where I can see the follicle , can’t wait to zap for real

Try starting with a f3 (.003) for coursish stomach hair. You’re learning to do insertions so I dont think the solution is to start with too large a probe, you can increase probe size once you have the insertions down pat. The idea in general is to at least match the diameter of the hair being treated. You can be forgiven using a slightly smaller one, while you learn to insert first.

I get to work on all different kinds of hair, and it does call for all sizes of probe. I like to use alot of f3’s and sometimes f2’s on upper lips. I have 2 clients I use f1’s for their fine little vellus hairs ( only dectro protec makes these) . For trans faces I go to a lot of f4’s. I dont often get call for f5’s or f6’s but they are there if I need them . Most commonly used i think are f2, f3, f4 but that’s just me

When I did a lot of blend, I used a lot of gold, then realized I was having just as easy insertions with plain stainless ballet, or sterex one piece needles. I do mostly pico and synchro thermolysis now. We are using mostly protec probes around the office now, in either isoguard or isoblend, each have their strengths.

Ok that sounds good, I am getting all sizes because I just want to have them around just for practice and to get to know better what the differences are. I got the gold because I heard its most suitable for sensitive skin, so as a precaution I got that. Also for the silhouette epil 200 does any of these needles work? I know from where to be any setup - probes and needles- from Texas electrolysis but I gotta make sure that the machine accepts these parts first

I’ve never heard of that machine honestly, there’s lots I havent though. As li=ong as the probeholder accepts f-shank probes any of the ones I listed will work.


Could you share the link please

Michael hasnt responded to anything n hairtell for 2 years now unfortunately.