Buying laser for home use

We are to friends who are going to take laser hair removal to most of the body. We have some friends who work with import buisness. They found a company located in china and the will sell us a IPL laser. With manual and video for full training. Here are the specs:

Ipl intensive pulse light
One hand piece and gray scale screen
Treatment principles
All series of ipl principle selectively effects subcutaneous pigment or blood vessel and can simultaneously stimulate production of collagen fibre which eventually improve skin flexibility and then reduce wrinkles. In addition, long wavelength can easily destroy hair follicle to restrain rebirth of hair.


The intensive pulse light technique can valid clearance face various minor faults and permanent loses hair.
For example:
1, speckle dispelling: Hereditary freckle, age fleck, sunburn fleck, dermal spot, birthmark and deep skin pathological changes dye.
2, skin soft: Contracting bulky pores, reduce blood-streaks, increment skin flexibility, repress the pimple, taking sore mark etc.
3, hair removing: Armpit hair, beard, hair on four limbs, bob line, the part under bikini.


1, advanced of have no the wound and shell the skin of the take off type hairdressing method, the machine can dispel the spot,
Delicate skin and lose hair etc.
2, the special dye identifies the procedure, super strong light to filter the system, many wave bands eligibility the precision is adjustable.
3, import the blue precious stone leads the light crystal and controls function to insure automatically cold anaesthesia safety the treatment have no pain and sufferings.
4, English LCD is to hold the touch operates the interface, the item parameter intelligence saving constitution, the light spot number the auto accounts to save.
5, the window body gives out light the temperature to reach-4 S, eradicate completely the swollen and inflamed, the water pimple etc.
6, the ABS quakeproof engineering material, anti- static electricity, defend the interference, water pressure and water temperature reports to prevent from the mistake operation.
7, a key cuts over the delicate skin/lose hair the treatment, did not need to dismantle to change the bare-headed and operate simple control easily.

Technical specifications

Light source: Intense pulse light (3 times atmospheres press)
Energy density:6~50j/cm2 m2m2
Spectrum range:530~1200nm(remove spot)
610~1200nm(remove hair)
Deliver the system: Direct coalescence the type cools off
The blue precious stone light leads the crystal
Conductor temperature: <-4c
Light spot area:8x40mm2
Pulse piece:2~20
First pulse width:0.1~50ms
Arrant intermission:1~99ms
Repeat frequency:1/2/3hz
Cooling system: Closed water + breeze cold + semi-conductor system cold

The price is 4000usd and that is price from factory. Right now they sell to hospital and clinics in china. And export to turkey and india. They say it is as good as lumenis.(

Our hair is dark (asia).
So you think this is good investment? Will we make it?
We dont want to use a fortune on going to clinics.

Can you tell the homepage of the factory. I am also interested in buying a ipl or laser for home use.