buying from texaselectrolysissupply ?


Is it safe to buy from them online ?


Most.certainly! Many of us do. They are a highly reputable company. Why do you ask?

Because I have Mcafee and when I go to secure payment site to pay for the products, it says the site is not safe.

I’ve been trying to get “non-disposable” removed from our listing in their catalog forever…Dr. Heimlich tells me their site is about to go through a revamp shortly. Just call them and they’ll be glad to take your order over the telephone.

In that case, like Mike said, call them instead. Yes, they need to revamp their website. I would tell them the reason why you are calling instead of doing the online option. Maybe it will give them a sense of urgency. You can also order at Prestige Electrolysis. I will have to see what their security is all about these days, as I usually call them.

I’ve ordered online from both Texas and Prestige in 2011, and had no problems with either site, nor with their customer service on the telephone. They’re both excellent vendors.

I love Myron and the gang down there at Texas Electrolysis Supply, but their web site has just NEVER worked. I have ALWAYS ordered from them on the phone. The web page has had its times when it worked better than on other days, but on the average day, you really just need to call them, order their printed catalog and do your best with that.

I wish I could have my web master have at their site, and make it a think of beauty (and function) but, well, it is their domain, you know. :wink:

Good news, the “download catalog” link is working now. a PDF comes up so you can see the stuff, get the product numbers and prices, and be able to make your order. You may still need to call on the phone, or email your order, but at least it is working now… even though the date on the PDF says it is the 2010 catalog.

Oh, well, what do we expect?

Oh, well, what do we expect?

An ability to make Paypal payments? :slight_smile:

They’d all get so much more business if they would.

The perfectionist in me wants to set up an alternate site that would do it right, and work as a clearing house for orders that came in, and forwarded them on to TES, just because it could be done so much better. Between the HairTell Geeks, and the clients we all have around here, we could really make something… if we did such a thing… even for TES, directly.