Buying a laser ?


Can anyone just simply BUY a laser or do you need some type of certification ?

If so ,how much do you these lasers run (new ,used)?

I figure if u are already going to spend thousands might as well have it for life and treat yourself.Especially if you have lots of areas to treat in the long run it would be cheaper.

Thoughts ?

Go to eBay and enter in “laser hair removal”. You can get one for about $13-17,000 dollars depending on the model. Be sure to let us know how it works out for you!

I think the models used in doctors offices cost between 50-75K. They are VERY expensive. Their manufacturers also just wont sell them to anyone. In some states, only doctors can own a laser. In some states it is legal for other professionals to own them ( RN’s,Electrologists )

I would be wary that the machines on ebay may be flashlamps.

I can assure you that many of the machines on EBay are the same machines that have been offered to Electrologists, Doctors and others around the country. You just have to know what names to look for. Although these machines are $50k to $250K when purchased brand new from the manufacturer, it is clear that they are sold for so much less on ebay by those who have paid for them new.

As for legality, it is true that there are rules that state that only persons who meet the local standards for use of the machine SHOULD be sold these devices, it is just like the professional electrolysis machines. Although pro equipment should only be sold to the pros, you will often find them sold to the highest bidder and shipped without any checking into the credentials of the buyer. After all, it is the possessor of the equipment who would be in immediate trouble if found using the equipment illegally. If you check, you will see names like Palomar, Candela, Gentlelase and so on being sold on EBay every day for MUCH MUCH LESS that $50K.