Buying a Diode Laser

Hello everyone I have had many treatments on myself and my brother has also had many more treatments than I have. I am thinking about buying a Diode Laser with several people. I am looking into Dotmed and they have lasers for sale. From my research there are two states that do not require a doctor and they are Tennesse and New York. I use to get a cheap laser rate of $99 for 30 min. but he’s starting to cut back on that. Currently I am in Texas and I wouldn’t mind getting a laser with some other people. I have contacted several places over here and most places charge around $400 an hour. The way I see it getting about 4 hours of treatment would cost around $1,600 and doing this every 6 weeks would cost like $12,800. I guess this would be for people who want to get lots of work done. I would like to get more work done and I think buying a laser would be the best bet. Also by buying a laser one can treat areas as often as one likes and set the joules to what one wants. I have been thinking about this idea for sometime, but I had not had the chance to post. I have seen some Diode Lightsheer lasers for sale for about $40,000 - $70,000. I am thinking about getting 10 people in a co ownership and purchasing this in a state that would allow to purchase it and divide the cost. I know that dotmed also has a maintaince service of about $7000 a year, which I think is pretty good, in case the laser has problems. So if 10 people were to go in this would cost anywhere from $4,000 - $7,000 to purchase the laser and $700 a year for maintaince. I think this is a pretty good price for people who are seeking to get a lot of work done. I am really interested in doing this, I don’t want to purchase the machine alone, because this would be a lot for my brother and myself. If anyone is interested please contact me @ It would also be great to recieve any feedback or comments, thanks, have a nice day.

Hi Texasguy.

Below is some information that may be helpful. It is actually an article from Medical Economics magazine. Last sentence of paragraph two may be of interest to you. The date of this article is Nov. 4, 2005.

"The laws governing who—other than physicians—can use a laser or light-based hair removal device vary from state to state, says Lisia Cooley-Walch, president of The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) in Madison, WI. For example, in Florida, the technician has to be an electrologist, have 30 hours of continuing education in laser physiology, and be accredited as a CME (certified medical electrologist) by the SCMHR. In Michigan, certified PAs and NPs can operate lasers in healthcare facilities. All others must be under the supervision of a licensed physician. Texas has no guidelines, so anyone can use a laser for clinical purposes, but that may change.

Courses in cosmetic laser uses provide instruction in the basics of laser physiology, and on marketing and managing the service. To find such courses, contact the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery ( 715-845-9283), or check manufacturers’ Web sites. Topics covered include hair growth cycles, how to tailor treatment to a client’s hair and skin type, and pre- and post-treatment care.

Because lasers differ, Cooley-Walch notes, most reputable manufacturers will send a trained technician to a purchaser’s site for three or four days to train those who will be using the laser."

Full article is:


Thank you for the information dfahey, I didn’t really know that anyone can use a laser in Texas. I am not sure about purchasing a laser, but I guess I could find out from like Dotmed. Your right dfahey, as the article mentions using a laser is starting to become restricted. I guess it would be a good idea to purchase a laser, before laws change. Thank’s once again for your research and information, Eric

I would suggest that everyone who is planning on operating it takes the training course at one of the national training centers before using it to avoid possible issues.