Buying a cheap effective laser hair removal machine

I would like to start a laser hair removal business. Problem is finding an effective machine that I could purchase cheaply. My budget is about $10,000. I need some idea’s. I have already seen that lasers are available cheaply on Ebay and global, but from what I am hearing buying off Ebay is risky, and Global is a company who will sell you garbage and not refund you. All the reputable sites if seen don’t list prices on their website and when I do get emailed a price, it is usually way above my budget. Does anyone know were I can buy a good laser for under $10,000 ?

even used good powerful valid lasers will cost you more than $10k. is this for personal or business use? you will probably spend less money just doing treatments at an office even if you have to have your entire body treated. any home use laser machine is not effective or powerful enough to produce any lasting serious results. for business use, you’re looking at $50k + or at least $30k for a used machine.

It would be for business use. I would like to do laser hair for fun and profit. I can’t do electrolysis because my hands get the shakes. Wow most of the lasers I’ve seen are so expensive to buy, and $30,000 for even a used laser is way out of my league.

Let me refine my question. It just occured to me that I could possibly lease a machine, because that would be cheaper. Does anyone know of a reputable website business that offers leaseing??? I found a website called Does anyone know if that is a good place to lease a laser.