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where can i buy the one touch electrolysis kit that will deliver to the united kingdom?
Also if home electrolysis is used for permenant hair removal, why do some people use it because they want thinner hair growing on their body? once you use it, doesn’t it stop the hair growing? therefore how can you set it to grow back thinner but not completely stop the growth.

Hi allowit–

Folica ships overseas according to their site:

Folica: One Touch Electrolysis

I think Folica is a very good company (although they sell a couple of scam devices-- don’t buy that Emjoi thing on that page).

Click the shipping charge thing at the bottom of the page for more info on overseas shipping.

One of our members, Maurice, sells One Touch devices. Perhaps he can arrange to send one to you.

As always, I think our members are on the up and up, but I haven’t had any consumer feedback about this distributor.

If you do decide to use these companies, please let us know about your experiences!

does anyone know whether the tweezer supplied with one touch deluxe is any good or is it better to get another one, and if so, which one?

how many stylet tips are needed?

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The tweezers are blunt and bad. Get a good pair of pro tweezers.

The stylet probes are really easy to bend, so you may want to get a pack or two of extras.

I purchased one of the One Touch kits (plus extra stylets) from the marsindustries site - before I read about the site here, I should add. The unit was delivered safely, intact, and very quickly (about a week!) all the way to Australia, which is very unusual. Postage was also significantly less than that charged by any other distributor I could find on the net, which was my main reason for buying from them. I would recommend them.

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know the difference between the One Touch Deluxe and One Touch Home Electrolysis Systems?
Thank you for your responses!

Hi Aqua–

The One Touch Deluxe model comes with a really crappy pair of tweezers. Get the regular “non-deluxe” one-- you’ll want to use your own pair of good tweezers.

I recommend a few tweezers of high quality

I got a red pair that say lacross on them and they work good

I find that the light that emits from my mouse shows hair really well. anyone know of the type of light it is? a led or somethin