Butt crack hair ... (so embarrassing!!!)

I have had laser on my entire legs and brazillian bikini at American Laser Centers — it reduced the hair a little and made shaving much easier so I am satisfied with that for now. But, there is one area that continues to be a major probelm — its the area around my anus/perineal region and where my upper legs join my butt — I have a mix of light/dark coarse hair there and I guess the laser didn’t really take care of that problem. It’s really embarrassing because the hair is coarse, shaving is super hard in that region and always gives me pimples afterwards because its between the cheeks so it rubs. I want to get electrolysis in this area but I feel so embarrassed about it… Do electrologists even treat this area?

Although I have completed some good work in this area, I am sure that there are electrolysis practitioners who will continue to turn this type of business away.

Yes they do treat it, and it’s not an uncommon area; it’s included in any Brazilian bikini treatment (whether you’re getting waxed, lasered, or anything else). Every woman has hair there (some more than others), and it’s a very popular area for removal.

But it’s a good tip to get another area done first, and once you know the electrologist well and you feel comfortable, then you can inquire about the more personal areas. I called and consulted with a whole bunch of electrologists and they all said they do full bikinis with no problem, so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find at least a few in your area who do this. So if one or two places say no, just pick somewhere else.

It is just a guess, but if you get red PFB bumps after shaving, the hairs may be naturally distorted and therefore less receptive to the laser.