Burns from Laser Hair Removal

Hello, I’ve been looking for people that have gone through what I am going through now. About 3 weeks ago I had hair laser removed on my arms at an Advanced Laser Clinic and I now have 2nd degree burns all over. During the procedure I had noticed that my arms were burning but the lady said it was normal & that the pain would go away. The next day I had red & purple blisters all over and it was horrible. Since that day there has been a horrible heat wave and I have had to wear long sleeve shirts. I hate this, because I can’t wear tank tops, I can’t go swimming, I can’t live my normal life which is hard for a 23 year old. Right now I am looking for makeup to try to cover what feels like a hundred white scars that are all over my arms. I guess my question is how long do these white scars usually last and is there any makeup that you can recommend me to use. Thanks.

Sorry to hear your story.

The healing time is different from one to another, but the general rule… avoid sun.

If you were badly burnt, you should consult a doctor, and remember to take some photos of your burning and your entitled compensation.