Burns appear soon after Laser treatment

I am undergoing Laser hair removal for my facial hair. I am brown skinned. After each sitting I find burned marks where the laser hit and lasts for about two weeks. Is this common with everyone .? Do I have to consult a better doctor ??

If it’s clearing up, I guess that’s OK, but you may be getting overtreated. You should also avoid sun before and after treatment to help reduce dicoloration. Personally, I think you’re playing with fire. Some people get those spots, and they last up to six months. A few even have very faint scars that last for years and may be permanent.

This was normal for me (light skin, dark hair) for the first 3 or 4 sessions. I’d have residual burn marks for about 3 weeks before they’d fade.

It’s gotten better as my hair pigment becomes reduced after each session. However with dark skin I imagine your epidermis will always absorb a good deal of heat.

Try bringing and using cold ice packs right before, during, and after treatment. The colder your skin is the less likely it will burn or blister, and the laser place might even provide you with some from their fridge. It’s helped me!

I experienced similar burn marks (residual) as vulpes in first 2 or three threatment.
I don’t think you need to worry too much.

Missy: do you know what kind of laser is being used for your treatments? You should not be experiencing any hyperpigmentation or “burn marks” after your treatment if the right machine is being used. There are only 2 lasers that are FDA-cleared in the US to be used on Fitzpatrick 4-6 skins - the Lyra and the CoolGlide. If any other is being used, they are not appropriate for your skin color and that is why you are having these problems. A shorter-wavelength laser such as a Diode or Alexandrite has too much affinity for melanin, and cannot differentiate between darker skin tones and dark hair, so the practitioner must use very low fluences and pulse widths. This means that the treatment will not be effective. Check out the machine, and in the meantime avoid any and all sun exposure.

If youre getting burns go somewhere else. I have had laser done on skin that was already damaged and had no skin reaction from the coolglide. They used ice packs before the process which probably helps.It can take a long time to find someone who uses the laser properly.