Burns and scars?



I’m new to these forums, but I’ve been going to an Advanced Laser Clinics office for about 6 months now.

As a male with naturally dark, thick hair, I started treatment first on my full arms. After 3 treatments over 6 months, I’ve seen about a 40% reduction in growth and color. This prompted me to start on my legs.

Well, after my first treatment on my upper legs, it went less than perfect. On the back of my legs (especially behind my knees) I developed what appear to be second degree burns. These burns, some of which appear red and moist (without skin or scab), are not painful. However ,they only occur there. No change in fluence or duration of exposure was made, and I have never been burned by the laser before (the redness usually goes away after 2 or 3 days, but these burns are darker).

So my questions are…

Is the back of the legs a more vulnerable place for burns?

Will these burns turn into scars? I’ve never been known to keloid scar.

What is the best treatment for such burns? I’ve been using neosporin + sterile gauze + sports wrap (self-adhering elastic bandage).

How could burns occur in one place but not others? Did I not shave close enough to the skin?

The laser treatments I’ve had in the past have been more acceptable. However, it’s apparently very very difficult to get 100% coverage per session. So far, every session, they’ve only been able to ‘cover’ about 50% of my skin (there’s about a 1/2" gap of untreated skin between each laser pulse).

I’d be happy to relay my full experience later, along with before and after pictures I’m taking. However, right now, it’s hard to say what the long term (2 weeks+) outcome will be.

Any help appreciated. I’m nervous that, in 3 months when I have to go back for my 2nd treatment, that my upper legs won’t be able to take the beating.

The clinic I go to uses the Lightsheer Diode laser.



Sorry about the slow resonse, vulpes! :frowning:

The skin at the back of the knees is thinner and often gets sweater. In addition, the creases in the skin can make a burn there feel worse.

You should treat the burns as you would treat any burn. If you have blisters or crusting, you should probanly see a doctor.

It’s likely the fluence was a bit much for that skin-- be sure to tell them about your problems and go from there.

Hope you have a quick and complete recovery! :smile: