burned to a crisp ll

I went in for my 2 session for my lower legs and recieved massive burns, like on 40 to 60% of the skin area. By the second day I had hughe blisters some the size of my palm.
I went to my family doctor and got an Rx for antibiodics and a comment of disbelief that they could do that to people.
I am in a quandry as what to do now, try and get a refund or what?

Well, wait a couple of weeks to see if the blisters heal.

It is common to have bad looking skin right after treatment. Give it a couple of weeks but if by then things do not get better, then something is wrong.

Hi Susan,

I’m really sorry about your experience.

Can you tell us what kind of laser are you being treated with? And how many sessions you have had?
I would go back to the treatment center and show them what happened and ask them what they will do about it. That does not sound normal to me. :frowning:

How long has it been since the treatment? Are the blisters healing yet?

Good luck and let us know what happens.


How about suing their insurance for malpractice? (after getting a refund) You know, if you get complications in the area later in life (God forbid), it will be all yours to deal with.

YB you must know that unless a person goes to a physicians office most times simple technicians are doing the hair removal. Also, offices often make you complete consent forms where this blistering may be listed as a potential hazard. My advice is to seek a quality organization and not a hair removal chain that has large employee turnover and questionable qualifications of the staff.

There are always limits to what can be called normal. Severe burns like this are not a normal side effect, and are clearly the fault of the technitian. When you sign the consent you don’t sign away your life just yet.

By the way, from experience, physicians are often times more simple than simple technicians. How much training with laser do you think physicians have more than technicians. (None). It’s usually a supplemental income for them and they may not be as dedicated as someone who does this all day long.

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YB reminds me of a situation that occured in the late 70’s and early 80’s. There was an equipment salesman/representative who was prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license because he had performed dozens of surgical proceedures BECAUSE THE DOCTORS HAD CALLED HIM IN THE OPERATING ROOM CLUELESS ON HOW TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT THEY OR THEIR HOSPITAL HAD PURCHASED! The doctor had not taken the time to learn the proceedures, and the patient was already opened up, and the salesman was the only person in the room who knew how to do what was supposed to be done.

In truth, no one was hurt, and would have acutally been worse off had the dumb poor time management doctors attempted the proceedures, but he was prosecuted non-the-less.

On another subject, I hope everyone understands that those waivers you sign are just there to discourage you from suing. The don’t actually have any weight in stripping you of your right to litigation.