I live in saint Louis Missouri. I had about 8 laser removal appointments on my upper lip. The last one burned me. It has been about a month and the area is pitted, discolored, and scarred. Would vitamin e oil help? Would dermabrasion? Email me direct at cbp429@hotmail.com

you should see a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe a burn treatment. also, make sure to talk to the clinic.

i know. i have been to two dermatoligists. one said that i should do a chemical peal. as soon as possible. the second told me to wait for 3 months before doing a peel. i am not sure which to beleive i am currently using lotion, i am healed but the pitted scars and the hyperpignation remain.

those should go away in a while, but may take months. if a peel will speed it up, and your skin is healed enough for it, i might go with that.

yes, my cheeks were burned and red for around 2 months after one of my tratments. i just didn’t use anything with fragrance and kept the area moisturized with vaseline. it was itchy and peeling and uncomfortable, but thank god it went away eventually. i hope yours goes away like mine did, good luck.