Burned by Enleve and YouCanSave.com


I bought Enleve from YouCanSave.com about a month and a half ago for $25.95 with shipping and handling. I used it and it burned my skin pretty bad, it was really painful for about a day, then got better in about three days. I used about half of the “moisturizing gel” that’s suppose to help with the burning, followed the instructions that came with the creame, etc. Finally had to put ice on my face to stop the burning. Nothing about this burning possiblity is mentioned in the Ad at YouCanSave.com. The first indication of this is in a warning leaflet that comes with the creame. So I go to the site and check out the return policy to see that “Hair Removal Creames”
is conveniently listed as a No Refunds period item. Thinking these guys are reasonable, I email them to explain that this thing harmed me and that this is a bigger deal than their blanket rule. I was savy, I emailed them first just as a flag saying “I have an urgent message about an order I made on your site”. I got an immediate response, a snippy one from Joe saying “If you had told me what it was I could’ve helped you already” then the next day I got two responses of the type “Oh you bought so many items from us, I hope everything is ok, can we be of service” So then I wrote them what my purchase from them did to me and if I could get a refund. Last I ever heard from them. I ended up calling two long distance numbers they list on their site only to get a message saying call this other number, and the second number says it’s better if you email us. I had already emailed them three more times after the final drop off email I sent. I also tried their online chat customer service twice that also resulted in no response. I recently recieved one of my emails to them back in the form of an undeliverable mail daemon, so they might have blocked my email from thier server. Anyway, I have all of this documented, except the burning part but I figure I could go to a dermetologist and show him or her the burning with the creame in 10 minutes and have him or her note it. But my own $25 wouldn’t be worth it, so any other takers want to get together on this please email me. I’ve also been burned and temporarily scarred by Epil Stop a few years ago via an informercial, my current girlfriend can testify to that scarring on my face for about two weeks since we where living together at the time. bwayne1331@earthlink.net


I’m very sorry to hear about your problems! :frowning:

Epil-Stop now carries warnings not to use it on the face, which Enleve should also carry. Male facial hair is too coarse for most depilatories.

The youcansave folks also sell the ePen scam, so they don’t seem to concerned about the legality of the products they sell.

Comoanies like this are very skilled at ignoring consumer requests for money, but if you file a letter with the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau, you can sometimes get a response.

Sorry you got burned, and I hope it all clears up OK.