burned after laser hair removal on lower legs

Hope that link works. I had lightsheer LHR on my lower legs and a week later I still have these marks. I’ve been putting aquaphor on it and some cloderm…a topical steroid. Now it seems more red rather than the dark spots that were immediate. My legs felt like they were on fire after the procedure. I know I was tan and now know I should not have been treated. Like I said this was a week ago…I have a wedding I’m standing up in in exactly three weeks. Wondering what this will look like for that. I have aquaphor, cloderm a topical steroid, hydroquinone, and retin-a. I’m just unsure what combination to use. Right now I’m just moisturizing and applying cloderm to the redder areas. Any advice or suggestions!? Will this heal?! I don’t see any hypo pigmentation at this point. Just red the shins had tiny blisters but they went down within a day. Never burst. Amy advice on treatment would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully the picture is viewable

Your link didn’t work, but these two should:

I’d be curious as to what the settings of the laser were if you happen to know. No one on this forum is qualified to tell you the proper combination of medical steroids to use. You should pay a visit to your dermatologist. From reading online on deramtologist’s opinions on other sites, the consensus seems to be that it will heal but it can take awhile.

No, you shouldnt have tanned while having laser treatment. That said, the technician should have taken one look t your legs and said “Nope, come back when the tan is gone” .

At the point where that kind of damage is occurring, the technician also had a responsibility to STOP when they realized what was happening to your legs.They didnt, and continued to mistreat both legs.

It’s not permanent, but I would bet money those red spots will develop into quite patterned and noticeable hyperpigmentation that will take much longer than a few weeks to heal, likely more than a year.

These pictures are pretty clear evidence of malpractise. Please see a lawyer and get advice from them.


Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear it isn’t permanent. I’m being very diligent with sunscreen. I may begin the hydroquinone to hurry the hyperpigmention healing. There was no pain or blistering until about twenty minutes after. Just the usual redness so I was shocked when I got this post treatment. Continuing the topical steroid for one more week. Will update pictures if Any change. Any more advice advise if welcome!!

Tiny additional question…any ideas on how to cover for the wedding? Not sure if a spray tan is a smart idea or not. Makeup doesn’t seem to do anything at this point


Oh yikes. Its a short dress…I’ll have to wear nylons or something thanks for all the responses! I believe the settings were at 36 on the lightsheer. She did my face and underarms as well with no issues. Thanks again!