Burn Risks in Laser Treatment ???

Hello All,

This is my first post in the forum and you will not find any new thing in my post as I am just another confused person dangling between should or should not.

I am 25/f. by birth my natural hair tendency is little more than average. I thread my upper lips and eye brows but I never touched other facial hair. I have little visible hair on my cheeks more concentrated near the ears. I have been living like this with last 25 years and apparently have no problem/complex regarding facial hair.

Now I am considering removing them permanently through laser hair removal treatment but after knowing the risks involved (burns, swelling and marks) I am quite reluctant towards the treatment. While browsing this forum I saw couple of patient with post treatment burns and marks. As I had no inferiority complex because of these hairs, so I am not very happily ready to take any such risk.

Can you people suggest me how risky/safe it is? Should a person who is not very grieved because of facial hair should take the risk of laser hair removal treatment?

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PS: I am Asian with wheatish color. I never waxed/threaded on my face because I guess re-grown hair are more bad looking than natural light hair.

All the laser consumers and experts will have to weigh in on giving you advice to have your face lased.

What I would say to you is, for the facial areas that you describe, with the size and color of hair you describe, a skillful electrologist would serve you much better and actually deliver desired results. It would be money and time well spent.


If you have the right laser for your skin and an experienced technician, I don’t think that burning is an issue. You might have to shop around and see which clinic might appear to be the best. Also, if there aren’t a lot of hairs, you might consider electroysis.

Thanks both of you <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I have Type IV skin and have black hair on my face. Which Laser machine will you suggest for me? This information will help me in browsing the market and choosing right clinic for me. Please tell me what questions I should ask from the dermatologists I meet for this purpose.

Thanks once again

I believe the CoolGlide might be the better laser for skin type IV.

Regarding questions to ask, there is a “sticky note” on the comsmeticenhancementsforum (dot com) that’ll give you some good guidance.

Oh, yes, click on the link on the first page of this forum regarding questions to ask when choosing a practitioner. That’ll give good info, too.


Hi 127:

For the areas you mention I would agree with Dee about
doing electrolysis for them. I would not recommend laser anywhere near the eyes either.


how much hair do you actually have to treat? if it’s your face and you have under 50-100 hairs, electrolysis might be a better solution.

Hi Again,

I am done with my first laser treatment on complete face and neck with coolglide (I don’t know what were the settings). Doctor didn’t shave the area rather her trimmed hair to minimal length with scissor. After the treatment no tip of hair was visible on my face except side burns and few tips of hair at chin.

It was not painful for me and in 3 hours I had no redness or inflammation except one little spot which disappeared in a day.

After 4 days of treatment, few hairs are grown back to 1 mm length on my chin. When I try to pull them with my finger they sometimes come out (sometimes with little pain and sometimes without pain). Is this shedding or I am harming them by hasting them to shed?

It never happened that I could pull hair on my face out using my finger tip so I guess they are weakened hair but my question is if doing effort to make them shed is lessening the effect of laser?

4 days is too early. you need to wait 2-3 weeks for that. you should start seeing shedding, i.e. hair coming out without ANY resistance AT ALL, around then. meanwhile you can shave or trim the hairs. I would still do electrolysis if I were you, or use LightSheer laser at least. It doesn’t sound like you have a lot and coarse enough hair for laser, and some women actually experience more growth after lasering their face if the hair is fine and not coarse and dense. How much hair do you actually have?