Burn me once..Burn me twice..should I just give up

Hey folks.

I am a 24 yo trans women with fitz type 2.

Very pale skin,dark hair

I started having laser with a candela alex 5 years ago.

Was at my Fourth treatment and the hair was almost gone on my face

well got busy and had a 2 month gap between the next 3 appointments.

Still had hair.

Then I moved to another state and start going to American laser center and lets just say I got injured.

Then I start getting treated with a diod machine and it works great.

But she closes her doors after my 3rd treatment.

I then got laser treatments on and off for years with no real results but to be fair they were spaced out by months.

Ok my question is do you think I should give laser another chance but stay on time with my treatments.

My dark hair is thinner than before I started laser but i still have a decent amount.

Should I stay with the alex or the diod-

Just a but frustrated and hoping someone can offer some advice.

Shelli in denver

The only think I can figure is with the Jewish comment was she was referring to your skin. She might have been concerned that you had tough Mediterranean skin and hair and it might be too difficult for her to treat properly.

I am Italian, so I can understand how difficult Mediterranean hair can be to deal with.

Hello Vickie

I am actually an American jew who is very pale never tan-fitz type 2.

The only reason i posted what she said is to show the pattern of having bad luck with providers.

when you say injured by the electrologist, what exactly do you mean?

I got a fairly bad infection and have a scar in that area.

Too bad you are not all that close to:

Mary Frazer
Animas Square 121 County Road 250 Durango, CO 970-259-5724

She could give you a better view of electrolysis

Needless to say, I could as well.

Hi Shelli:

I think you should switch over to electrolysis now and try to get full clearances. I did some sessions with laser before finishing with electrolysis and was happy to get rid of the remaining hair permanently. You will be happy once you reach that stage, just as I was.

Laser can only do so much for facial hair and then you need electrolysis.


But if you talk to LaGirl and edokid laser is permanent. We all know it is not and that the holy grail of “permanent” is a difficult dream to reach. It can possibly be reached but can we all call laser/IPL progressively permanent hair removal. If that because it really does not clear areas.

Oh here we go again, you can’t hide from us in these other forums! I’m not sure why you keep thinking laser is progressive hair removal. Electrolysis is as well. The difference is electrolysis is faster because you can go every 3 weeks and treat hair that’s hardly visible to the naked eye. Laser needs the hair fully grown to treat which takes longer to get to that point. Here’s what you need to be clear on with your terms:

Laser - Permanent hair REDUCTION
Electrolysis - Permanent hair REMOVAL

Electrolysis can get all hair, white blond red fine coarse ANY. Laser can only get dark coarse hair, hence the term reduction. It’s still permanently removing the dark coarse hair but it cannot remove the thin fine hair so it can’t be called hair removal. That’s where I think you’re getting mixed up.

Also in terms of Alicia’s post, male facial hair is a VERY different story. It’s incredibly hard to treat with laser because there’s twice as much hair there than anywhere else, and hormones are constantly messing with the hair in that area. Even for electrolysis it’s really hard to get rid of it all. The only real way to 100% remove it all from your face is if you’re a trans woman taking hormones to reduce your testosterone otherwise it’s a really tough area so you can’t use that as an example.

Lastly, laser gets a bad rap because there’s so many sketchy places out there. There’s tons of places that say it’s laser hair removal but they use IPL which is not proven to be permanent. There’s other places that use low settings which doesn’t kill the hair. That’s the problem with laser and is the reason you hear so many people say it doesn’t work. Go to a few laser clinics websites, they’ll all tell you they can do blond hair and any skin type which is totally untrue.

I had quite a few laser sessions with the Alex er thingy laser and I did have some success but it was limited and I ended up patchy. I managed to get up to the highest setting that they were supposedly allowed to use and it still didn’t make touch some of my beard. I did end up burnt on a few occasions but thankfully healed ok. I have now achieved total clearance but it was my mentor with her Apilus machine who completed that for me. I’m hoping to start working real soon once I’ve reached a competent level and I will be honest with my clients when they come for consultation regarding my own experiences with laser. I did have some success but as I say the results were patchy and noticeable which would certainly bother some people and I did get burnt. Electrolysis is the only way to rid yourself of facial hair permanently. All the time you waste on laser you wont be able to get back and obviously the sooner you start with a good electrologist the sooner you’ll be finished… best of luck :slight_smile:


“high settings” doesn’t mean much. It’s a combination of various variables. They can say they’re high in THEIR opinion, when in fact they’re pretty useless. Patchiness is a sign that something is not being done right.