If one has razor bumps from shaving, after removing the hair using electrolysis, would these bump/red dots go away after sometime since one would not be shaving and irritating as often?

About to start electrolysis on upper arms/shoulders/upper back after failed attempts using laser. For further info on my laser treatments in the past, look for a recent post of ‘Cream for burns’ on the Laser forum.


The best reason for a person with razor bumps to persue electrolysis is saving face, so to speak. Electrolysis will prevent future damage, and will allow the skin to heal and the skin tone to even out once the treatment has removed enough of the offending hairs to normalize the skin. Had people like singer James Brown had electrology, the pits, channels and bumps would not be divited and etched on their faces.

im not completely clear on this…thees spots look like small brwon spots where the hair grows. I shave every other day so theres no sufficient healing time. Lets say after continous electro treatments post 12 months…healing time shud increase as i wont be shaving often. Also some bumps are normal skin tone but raised…there is no pitting.

Your answer makes me belieeve these spots are permanent and by removing the hair, will stop it from getting worse however will never get any better. Please correct me if i have misunderstood…THanks!

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The skin is very resilient. Depending on the amount of time that has gone by, and the number of reoccurring injuries to the same spot, one would either heal up and look like nothing ever happened, or one would be pitted for life.

James Brown used to shave every day, and for that matter, so did my uncle Walter. Both have pits in their cheeks from the ingrown hairs and shaving off the infected raised areas. The difference is, Mr. Brown can get periodic skin resurfacing, while my Uncle Walter has never done such.

If you have not been re-injuring your facial skin non-stop for 40 years, you should be fine, and should heal once the electrolysis grants you a life with no new ingrown hairs.

I have deep ingrown hairs that appear as dark shades or lines that are quite long about a few cm!
They make the skin to look hyperpigmented but its the long thick hairs deep under the skin.
what should I do because they are very deep and don’t come out with a needle.
please tell me.

You are in the NYC area.
You need only find an electrologist in your area who has good magnification who can lift out those hairs and do a personal evaluation of your problem.

Not being able to see you, I can only say that products like Tend Skin would bring those hairs up and out of the body in a matter of days.

Sarah, I’ve got a client who has some really thick hairs lying horizontal under the skin but REALLY deep. I couldn’t even lift them out when I pierced the skin. Are the hairs you’re talking about like this? I’ve referred her to her doctor before I try and dig them out because I’ve never seen ingrowns so bad.