Bumps pics

I was wondering if I can send one of you guys pics of my legs (remember I have to go through the second clearing soon) and the just started bikini bumps. I thought my legs would never get scab-free, they almost are but I see discolorations where the scabs were, white spots. Is this normal? Woiuld like you guys to take a look. My bikini bumps look worse than the legs had… oh my. lol

Let me know. Thanks. I don’t mind if the pics would get posted here for opinions.

I believe Ivelena has a site for hosting pics for showing here.

You can send it to me at ExecutivImageS(AT)AOL(Dot)Com and I will give you an opinion. Of course, it is probably just something that you need to do the tea tree at night and Aloe during the day, and you will be just fine.

Cool. I am sending you the pics in a few moments. I have used tea tree oil before successfully on my legs, but the smell really bothers me, I cannot stomach it so I had to stop.

Tea Tree Oil may be combined with Lavendar Oil to make the scent more pleasant. Lavendar also has anti-bacterial properties as well.

I believe that one just has to make sure that the Lavendar is no more than 40% of the mixture to retain effectiveness. I would start with a mixture that is 10% to 20% Lavendar.