Bumps around nipples Male!

[color:“brown”] [/color] This is my very first post as ive found a need to share my situation along with the rest of u.

Im a 19 year old european male with pretty good body hair (not too much, not too little) however i do have darker and longer hairs around the nipple area. I would call it excessive hair and when i was younger i shaved the hair around the nipple areas for when i went to the beach / vacation… Worst idea ever! after the many ingrowns i had to fight over a period of a few months, the damage is still there! the pores around the nipple area (areola) seem to be enlarged and slightly leveled. they are like darker bumps and i am very self concious about it.

ive been looking for solutions for years now, as im too embarassed to show my chest in public because of this. I am willing to spend money for a procedure that works. And by reading the many topics. not many people seem to have a good solution.

Tend Skin seems to be just like what i am using (Bump Solutions by AimDistributor.com) and all it does is remove redness or help with CURRENT hair removal. how about dark lifted pores that were formed years ago, how can we fix this. Does anyone have any good advice?

go se a skin care professional-
your problem might be aided by doing some salacilic acid or another peel (just be careful where it goes)

It’s not that unusual to have some bumps around the nipples, so you don’t need to be self conscious about going bare chested in public. Most people won’t notice or care.

I found electrolysis to work best on the nipples because the skin is darker there and the follicles seem to be deeper. Laser works too but I used electro to finish up. That will take care of the ingrowns. I think the ingrowns result from the irritation of the hair rubbing against shirts, etc.

I am happy to report that my chest is just about hair-free an the nipples are hair free. No more irritation and no more ingrowns. Plus it feels and looks great!


The nipple area is one of the easiest to clear up in electrolysis. Over 90 percent of people can get first clearance on the first appointment, and full clearance each and every time they go in.