I have started electrolysis on my stomach. The hairs there are fine but brown. Only on one side side in about the same area I keep getting big bumps that are very tender. They are like huge knots. After a few days they turn into a big zit and pop. But it’s only on one side and they are close. I’ve had about 6 of them so far. They show up a few days apart.

Are these post electrolysis bumps where you had treatment?

Are you diabetic?

Could they be tombstones or broken hair that stayed below the surface? Is there hair in the zits that pop?

Do you wear tight irritating clothig that may be rubbing and disrupting healig?

It is were I have been having electrolysis. I even quit for 2 weeks and I am still getting them. They are like big knots. There is not hair in them when they pop. They are extremely tender too. I am not diabetic, but I wonder what that has to do with it? I am having my whole abdomen treated and they are all located witin 2 inches of eachother on one side of my belly. This is really weird and I am getting worried.

Diabetics have trouble healing. But this is not your problem. If this happens to diabetic clients I stop treatments.

You are still getting bumps and you haven’t been treated for two weeks. Did your electrologist give you a good pre and post treatment? Are your clothing clean? Breakouts sound like a possible infection when bacteria entered the treated area. So the tight clothing issue this can irritate and spread bacteria when there is a treatment. Belts and snaps that might otherwise not bother you but may introduce bacteria into the treated area and spread from there. the treated area would close up in 24-48 hours unless it is agrivated.

Lotions creams? these can irritate. theses products or Face makeup can harbor bacteria and create break out.

Or possibly you have been over treated which heals slowly over time but doesn’t spread. but that does not explain the growing bumps. Try neosporin or bacatrin.

Now I’ve got terrible big red scars from these bumps. How do I get rid of the discoloration?

Should I go see a dermatologist?

or your regular MD. maybe you got an infection. Let us know

I haven’t been back to the electrolygist since I got these awefule little infections on my belly from the treatments. They are gone but now I’ve got big red scars. I still want to rid of the remaining hair, but I am scared I will get the infections again. Is there anything my practitioner and I can do to prevent the bumps?

How many different practitioners did you do sample treatments with?

Little infections and big scars?

Has anyone considered keloids?

Big scars (a scar of any kind) is like the rarest of side effects from electrology treatments. Of course everyone that hears the word is afraid that it will happen to them, but it is very rare. A keloid is a form of a scar, that can occur from an injury, and it is my understanding that it can occur in regions of the body - but one side and not the other? I wonder also, if the area was a spot that the electrologist could not reach properly, and therefore the insertions were not accurate. Perhaps the area was then not cleansed nor treated with antiseptic.

If what you are seeing is discoloration from the break-outs, then it will fade and there will be no lasting marks on your skin.

It is important to NOT mess with your skin after a treatment. Squeezing things on your skin is often done with unclean hands, and the squeezing pushed infection all directions in your skin.

If there are any reactions that concern you - it is up to YOU to contact your electrologist immediately so that she can hear you concerns and see the problem.

Barbara, keloid is a good guess. She most likely has hypertrophic scars but if you go to her original post she says they contain pus. before scaring.

did she get staph? did she pick at the bump?

The bumps have gone away, the scars are still present, but fading. I have been using mederma on them. I have had 2 treatments on my belly since and luckily no more bumps. I asked her to clean the area a few time with alcohol during the treatment before, and then again after. I told her it could help kill whatever is getting into those follicles while they are still open. So maybe that is what did it. We will see in the future if the problem becomes apparent again.

Glad that your skin cleared up - the spots will all fade away.