Bum Waxing?

Hey everyone,

I’m a male in my early 20’s and I have a question about waxing.

I’m really looking for some advice on whether or not it is possible to wax your bum. I’ve searched the forums with no luck and I really would like some help on the subject.

I have very hairy legs, the hair starts on the top of my foot and goes up my lower and upper leg (front, back and sides) which doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is that this thick BLACK hair then covers my bum completely. This never really bothered me as I thought all men were like this (as after all we did evolve from apes :D) It was only as I got older and started having girl friends that I realised it wasn’t really normal. Most girls either laugh or are completely put off by it and I want to have it removed.

I’ve looked at electrolysis, but it’s very expensive, so waxing is the route I’m looking to go down.

I’ve tried shaving :cry: and hair removal cream :cry: :crazy: but was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life, to the point where I couldn’t sit, lay or stand lol

So is waxing your bum possible?

Can I do it myself?

What kit?

What after skin treatment?

Many Thanks!

There’s no reason you can’t do it yourself but it’s probably a tricky area to do. Depending how much you have I find that using the Nair or Veet can’t remember which one, spray is really good. It’s just the 3 minute one and is almost like hair spray it sprays out so it provides really good coverage.

If the hair is very dark and coarse I’d suggest looking into doing laser then. Waxing you’ll have to do all the time where laser will be permanent. You may even be happy with the reduction you get from a few laser sessions since all the very dark coarse hair will be removed first. You’ll find that if you did use hair removal creams or shave that it will be much better since you won’t see as much of the stubble since all the dark coarse hair will be gone. Or you can continue a full laser session 6-8 treatments and you’ll probably have at least 80% of the hair removed with only the finer lighter hair remaining. Electrolysis could get rid of the rest or you may find it’s acceptable the amount you have remaining.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried hair removal cream (both men’s “Gel” and women’s “Spray”)and within 12 hours I had some stubble. Within 24 hours or so my bum was covered with stubble all over and because you have to wait 48 to 72 hours before you can use the hair removal cream again it meant I had to put up with sharp stubble for days. Also the stubble made my skin really saw and itchy and left pink dimples all over my bum.

I haven’t used it since and the hair is thick and black again and completely covers my bum. Would waxing not work?


No waxing would definitely work it’s just that you’d have to do it every couple months or so and if it’s something that you’re planning on doing for good, laser will be cheaper in the long run. Once you do one laser session the hair all falls out and you’ll be completely smooth for close to 2 months, then you repeat 6-8 times until most of it is all gone. Would prob be $100-200 per session.

I can afford a wax kit at £15-£20 but can’t afford laser treatment at £100+ a session at the moment (and am too embarrassed to have someone laser my bum). I’ll see how waxing goes and hopefully look into laser for the long term.


Oh okay right I thought you meant you’d get it professionally waxed. I’m the same could never do laser lol luckily I don’t have issues there phew. You can definitely do it yourself it just might take some practice because it’s such an awkward area to be working in. Definitely not impossible though.

Get yourself an epilator Braun and Philips make good ones the cheaper versions just as good as the expensive ones :wink: you will only need to use it probably once a week to ten days but befor first use either trim your short hair with clippers or shave it all off and wait for it to get stubbly and then use the epilator otherwise you will get a rash and it will be quite painfull if the hair is to long when you start.

amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_i_0?rh=k%3Abraun+epilator%2Ci%3Adrugstore&keywords=braun+epilator&ie=UTF8&qid=1290458443#/ref=sr_st?keywords=braun+epilator&qid=1290458491&rh=k%3Abraun+epilator%2Cn%3A65801031&sort=price

Forgot yes you can wax your bum but the epilator route is much less messy and time consuming

I’ve used an epilator before and it works fine. Do trim it down first though. Also may want to apply some sort of bump cream afterwards too.
If you wax, unless you are very flexible, getting it all and in the correct direction would be tricky. Maybe you have a close friend who could help? An idea anyway.

That would be an interesting conversation “Hey dude want to come over tonight drink some beers, oh and try waxing my butt for me?” Haha.

The beers would help. I have one who is an esthetitian and would do it. Oh, if you go the epilator route, you can squat over a mirror to get the perineal area. Be prepared for some pain.

This stufff works great best thing i have used its got salicylic acid in it great to use a couple of days after electrolysis too

use it before and after epilating have tried bump creams and everything else or hydrogen peroxide 10vol is great to clean area and disinfect make sure you exfoliate regularly to

Had to Google “epilator” as I’d never heard of it, sounds like it’s something worth looking into, but also sounds very painful (particularly as it looks like I’ve got 1,000+ thick black hairs on each cheek :frowning: and ripping them out 1 by 1 doesn’t sound like fun) :smiley:

Thanks for the help. I’m quite flexible and managed to shave that area no problem so I’m hoping :confused: waxing won’t be much more difficult. :smiley:

LMAO <— Literally :grin:

That would make a whole new version of the Budweiser advert…

“Hey what you doing”?
“Not much, watching the game, having a Bud, waxing my mates ass”


So you are supposed to apply certain products before waxing and another product after waxing? When you say exfoliate do you mean use a certain product or just wash with soap? lol

I understand your concern about cost when it comes to laser; I would have done it a lot sooner than I did, if I had the money earlier.

My advice - Save your money and go with the laser, you will not be disappointed; its worth it. As far as having someone treating you bum, well it turns out it isn’t really that big of a deal, remember you’re dealing with a professional who has “seen it all.” It’s over quick and you’ll be on your way. After my initial treatment I didn’t hesitate a moment to drop my drawers the second time. Again, it’s worth it!

Thanks for your help. I’ll definitely consider the laser for the future, perhaps after I’ve tried the waxing a few times. It’s not so much the thought of someone seeing my bum, it’s more the fact that I feel different being so hairy there. I know they’ve “seen it all” but maybe not as hairy as me :stuck_out_tongue: and if they have then I’m probably in the 1 in 1,000 that they might come across which makes me feel like I’m weird :frowning:

Many thanks

Well remember too you have to shave before your appointment so it’s not like they’d see it that much differently than anyone else :slight_smile: