Bruising after electrolysis


I received a 15 session on my chin and awoke the next morning with bruising on one side of my chin(it looks like a black and blue). There is no bruising on the other side although she did treat that area also (to a lesser degree. I am not sure what type of electrolysis. The electrologist inserted a needle, there was a beeping sound and she tweezed the hairs off. I have had the bruises for three days now and it is not healing. The skin is not broken. Is this normal?


Lisa, I got a couple of bruises when I was going. It’s caused by an insertion that was too deep. She punctured a capillary or blood vessel, which cause the bruising. It should clear up like any bruise in time and you’ll have no lasting mark.

If you get another one, I’d consider looking around for another practitioner. Poor insertions can lead to things worse than bruising.


I’d agree with Andrea. The hairs on your chin are at a very steep angle to the skin. Getting a probe into the follicle should be very easy.

It’s quite usual to get bruises on neck hairs, where the angle is very shallow, and the root is very near the skin surface. The insertion can be quite tricky, and it’s very difficult not to snag the follicle wall and make a bruise.

Was the bruising on your chin the same side as your practicioner? So did you have your head turned away from her? If so, she might have been reaching a bit too much and getting bad insertions.
It’s still no excuse, though. I’d endorse what Andrea said - try once more, and if it happens again try another practicioner.


Andrea, Tony,

Thanks. I feel better now with the information you provided. I was afraid the bruise would be permanent.

The side of the chin where the bruise is located is opposite the electrologist. She had to lean over me to insert the needle. Her height is on short side so I think it was a stretch for her. It was the first probe and it hurt. She seemed to be in a hurry. I think that I will change electrologists because I am not totally comfortable with her and she is expensive relative to others in the area.