I shave the bothersome areas of my torso, and I have reported in the past here about some irritation I get as a result of shaving. Towards the bottom of my abdominal area, there are about three - one much more noticeable than the others - dark spots that almost look like bruises. The most noticeable one has persisted for about a week and a half.

Is this cause for concern and what can I do about this?

I’ve never had that. Maybe you just scraped yourself by pressing down too hard on the razor. That’s something we all do from time to time.

You might try some Tend Skin on the area. Or work on your suntan so the spots don’t show up as much. If you do go out in the sun, remember that Tend Skin acts like a sunscreen.


Hi md1239

Without creating too much alarm I would suggest you consult your doctor. Shaving is very unlikely to cause marks like these. They are probably bruises as you say. There are many medical reasons for this sort of thing, most not serious, but there are some.

Amoung reasons for unexplained bruises are kidney failure, sever liver disfunction and a number of other reasons. If you are feeling tired or “run down” as well, then you should see a doctor immediatly.

Obviously you may just have bumped yourself and not realised you had a bruise, but rather be safe and speak to a medical expert.