Broken capillaries

Hi, all.
Sorry if I’m bringing back an already spoken subject, but I would like to ask about treating broken capillaries on legs and thighs with electrolysis. I spoke to a cosmetologist who says that I shouldn’t treat them with thermolysis. I asked her why, and she said she doesn’t know but she was very blunt and almost yelled at me.
And then… I watched the beautiful video by “electrology now” and would really like to treat that area.
Thank you all for being available and informative.

Thanks for your kind remarks Avivit. The videos you watched on my channel (dealing with telangiectasia) are poor quality because they were made in 2001 with video-tape equipment. I still have at least 10 hours of unseen material that I’m thinking about editing for “Electrology Now.” Or, perhaps produce new ones. But, overall I don’t find the subject very interesting any more.

In most jurisdictions we are not allowed to remove “broken blood vessels” … but electrologists have been doing this since 1925; and in the UK, NZL and Australia legally.

I don’t recommend removing these vessels but people are selling (expensive) dedicated units (really just electrolysis machines) to estheticians all over the United States … with impunity. Most troubling is a few "jokers’ train beauticians to remove "brown spots’ that could actually be skin cancers! Doing this is a serious and real risk to the client’s life!

To answer you "leg vessel’ question. If you do "fiddle with this,’ your best results are "above the waste’ … these are usually tiny capillaries. The legs usually have surface veins (capillaries too) but removing these are rarely successful unless you are willing to try a very aggressive procedure (that I have never written about in my book … or illustrated on video): You have to thread the needle well into the lumen of the vessel (don’t do it!!!). The lower you go on the legs … the less successful (vessels on the ankles are 100% failures.) All leg vessels should be left to physicians.

Furthermore, if removing blood vessels is not legal in your jurisdiction: "Honey … don’t do it!’ The CIA, the FBI, the KGB and the "Stazi’ are watching? Maybe God too?

OK, so thank you so much for the explanation. I have to say that I watched that video maybe 50 times but I always done that with the volume off, because I’m used to watch Josefa’s and they are all come with back up music. I was so embarrassed to turn on the volume one minute after I sent my question and to hear your voice explaining not to do that…
It is such an honor to hear directly from you.
So thank you again
And OF COURSE I am taking your advice, after all, KGB is scary enough, let alone god (who’s holding us under a very tight shift here :wink: