breasts hairless but don't feel smooth

Hi there,

I’ve been having blend electrolysis on my breasts for the last 3 weeks. The first couple of weeks, I didn’t feel any of the pinpoint scabs that usually happen with thermolysis (which I have a lot of experience with). But this week, my breasts don’t feel smooth. So I’m wondering if maybe I have a) tiny pinpoint scabs from last week’s blend, b) tiny keloids from aggressive treatment, or c)a lot of new hairs that are just under the surface getting ready to present. Do one or more of these explanations sound plausible? If the keloids sound plausible, will they go away over time?

I started having blend so that I wouldn’t have to wait for my breasts to be finished to be sexually active, but I’m reluctant to engage in sexual activity until my breasts feel totally smooth. Is it true that they won’t be smooth until the work is almost finished because hairs just under the surface of the skin are tangible and, in the middle of the process, actually take longer to get “above ground” and available for removal?

Thanks for your help.

If you’re talking about being with a male partner, don’t worry about it. Most males don’t have that sensitive a sense of touch to notice what you’re noticing, especially if they aren’t even aware of the fact that you’ve been having the treatments. Kay

Thanks Kay. I guess I’m just wondering whether the stippled feeling will eventually go away, since I won’t have the answer for several months. I’ve searched the site and haven’t been able to find posts from people who’ve had work done on their breasts. I suppose my fear is that some of the “stippling” is a tiny buildup of scar tissue that’s not going to go away. I am bi, so I would like to feel comfortable with women though I’m not dating any right now.

I would love your input Kay, and if I could get some from some of the professionals on the site, that would be awesome too, even if it’s a short “It’s impossible to say.”

Thanks, all.

I can only tell you that my clients have not had any problems. There may be three or four who have posted things on the site about their treatment with me on that area, but that doesn’t help you much when you want to know about your treatment with the person you actually are working with.

I would not expect any keloiding, so rest your head on that one. You really should loose all side effects from the electrolysis in a matter of days, to weeks. Other than permanent damage, most electrolysis post treatment issues don’t hang around for any longer than 3 months. Pigmentation would be the only thing that would last longer, as that usually requires treatment for that before it will go away all together.

One more thing you should consider. Some women do have little bumps and pimply things on their breasts naturally. If you are one of them, you may not have noticed them until you started scrutinizing your breasts due to your hair removal work.

Better to trust James about this than me! Kay

i am getting my breast nipples hairs removed by electrolysis and here are ways the area can feel “bumpy” and not smooth.

1)right after treatment, the inflammed area where the electro needel was inserted will raise the areas slighty as if its a red pimple and so the area is bumpy and not smooth.

  1. if you get scabbing, even if its really small and you cant see with naked eye, it will make the area not smooth to the touch even though there is no hair.

  2. newly coming out hair, or ingrowns that are stuck under the surface, whether you see them or not, will result in area not feeling smooth.

  3. general pimple reaction with electro can result in bumpy feeling AND look as the skin reacts to electro treatment especially if your a first time user or the setting is high.

  4. what james said. hehehehe

hope that helps.


oh dont lose hope. once you are done treatments and there is no hair growing out, you’ll have smooth skin and no bumpy feeling, unsmooth skin, unless you already generally break out in that area as some do on their face.

so make sure you keep the breast area clean always when doing electrolysis. i like to wipe my nipples with alcohol once in a while to keep the area free of infection and dirt. and dont rub, just wipe. breast are sensitve structures. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

good luck!

Thanks for your message Rachel. I guess now I just have to decide whether or not I feel confident enough to be with someone before my treatment is finished (which won’t be for another 7 months from what I’ve gathered on this site…I started in earnest 2 months ago). Kay is probably right and it would be fine, but it’s still tough. I’m sure I’ll make the right decision in the moment.

Thanks all for your help and support!!! You guys rock!

Thank you for sticking with it.

Actually, you will find that things look better after your 3rd month if you are going at it really good. At that point, you won’t need appointments on the breast for as long, or as close together.

Keep us posted.

Hi folks,

I just wanted to report that I’ve been making good progress. After about the 3rd month of electrolysis, I started having appointments 2.5-3.5 weeks apart, which has been much easier on my bank account. Plus, I met someone wonderful, and after getting swept up in the moment, it turns out that she either didn’t notice the hair or didn’t care one way or the other. Electrolysis definitely gave me the confidence to get swept up in the moment in the first place, but now I realize that the more progress I made with hair removal, the more I hyperscrutinized and got paranoid. But when someone cares about you, they just feel grateful to be able to express their feelings about you in a physical way. They’re not there to judge you or make you feel like crap. Please have the courage to share your feelings and your bodies with your partners and spouses.

Good luck everyone!!

And thanks for all your help and support!!!

I seem to recall a saying that goes: “Men find the woman they love to be beautiful, while Women find a man they think is beautiful and try to fall in love with him.”