This is the 2nd time I’ve waxed my back. The 1st time a few days later it felt as though i shaved my back i had stubble everywhere 3 weeks later is was long enough to wax again so thats what i did. And its been 6 days since then and you can see the stubble again. All its doing is breaking off the hairs. I might as well be shaving it would be quicker and less painful. My girlfriend does it for me is there something shes doing wrong? Wrong type of wax? Please help thought this would be great to be hair free for weeks but i dont even make it 24 hours before its stubble.


Ask your girlfriend if she is interested in taking a course in waxing as to be good at it, requires training and practice and yes, there are many different types of waxes one can use. It is not easy to be good at waxing.

First, your hair must be trimmed 1/8" - 1/4".
The area must be cleaned.
The area must be dried - I suggest using cornstarch to absorb moisture.
Then, the rules are contingent on the type of wax used: soft strip, hard, cold, and within those, there are several types of wax and ingredients vary.
But, in any event, the wax in applied in the direction of hair growth either thickly or thinly - depending on the type of wax being used.
Then, the wax is removed with muslin or pelon or with a wax strip… it depends on the wax being used…
and it is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.
Wax is removed in a very specific way, close to the skin…
Then, apply aftercare, perhaps some which hazel and then cool the area with aloe or soothe with azulene. It all depends on your skin and how it is reacting.

Good Luck!

Yes she is doing plenty wrong. I love stories like this it makes me soooo valuable as a professional.