breaking hair?


apologies if this has already been discussed on this forum, but i need some advice!

after epilating, i seem to have hair regrowth within a couple of days. i suspect that i am breaking more hair than i am plucking. i have a braun silk epil which seems to be widley regarded so i am wondering what it is that i am doing wrong. any suggestions to help me with my technique would be very appreciated.


Hi Brigy–

These rotary epilator tips may help:

  1. Stretch the skin.
  2. Be sure to keep it at 90 degrees to the skin
  3. Put a warm towel on the area for a few minutes before.
  4. Do it right after a warm shower (but make sure skin is totally dry)
  5. Move the epiator very slowly across the skin against the direction of the hair.
  6. Don’t make back and forth motions. Always move it against the grain, and lift when moving back to an area you missed.