I am attempting to wax at home. I bought the Gigi wax warmer, wax, and all the cleanser, powder, lotions and muslin strips to go with it. Every time I have tried it most of the hairs just break off at the surface. I know I am supposed to put it on in the direction of hair growth then pull it off in the opposite. I am being careful not to pull up, I pull back like everybody has said. The hair is about a 1/4" long but it is very fine. I have tried using the wax at various temperature settings and leaving it on for different lengths of time. It seemed like the last strip I did worked the best and I left if on the longest but I’m afraid to leave it on too long. Am I doing something wrong or is my hair just too fine for waxing? :confused: Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Would sugaring work better in my situation?

It sounds to me like you would be better off with an epilator. Have a look over on that forum and see what you think.

Good luck,