Break Outs After Electrolysis

I am still breaking out after treatments. And what I mean by breaking out is, the area the treatments were performed on are very bumpy and irritated. I have started using the tend skin but it only does so much. Is there any natural products I can use? I’ve been using cortizone as well for the itching but I’m afraid if I use anything else my face will get worse. My electrologist put me back on the tend skin after telling me not to due to skin dryness. But now instead of dryness it’s breaking out. I really don’t know what to do. Is this what I have to look forward to for the next year of treatments? All advice is appreciated…


I thought everything was going fine after reuse of the tendskin but when I visited my electrologist she said my skin had gotten worse. Tend Skin still works for ingrowns, redness and swelling but the bumps keep coming after every treatment…

what are you getting treated and what type of machine is being used on you, and what settings? What type of probes? What type of magnification device are you using?

this information might help in answering your questions. A picture of the problem would be even more helpful.

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I’m prone to scarring so the bumps/breakouts were a concern. I’ve been using natural calendula gel with great success, but I just found something even better after my treatment last week: lotion with 8% shea butter. It helps in 4 ways:

  1. it soothed the skin and got rid of my bumps quicker/better than calendula
  2. the brand of shea butter I used it didn’t break out my skin (I’m very prone to acne & I have very sensitive fair skin)
  3. it hydrated my face well w/out being greasy which will keep treatment areas moist for optimal treatment results
  4. the brand I used had SPF 15 which protects skin from sun which is irritating to treated areas
    If you’re interested in the brand I used: Moisturizing Day Care spf15 by Loccitane (from My friend gave me a sample tube, so I want to buy more since it works like a charm, so I went to the website and got a bit of sticker shock, though. It’s expensive, but it’s concentrated so a little goes a long way. I think I will invest in this lotion since I can’t take these bumps anymore and I don’t want my face to scar permanently. I’m thrilled to find something that actually works. The rest of my skin is looking so much better, too–fresh and healthy which is always a good thing to someone w/acne.