Brazilian Waxing

i’m thinking of getting a brazilian, and was just wondering, when it is growing back, does it itch like shaving??

I’m also as curious as Kita, why does it itch after shaving there?

If it does itch, try using calamine lotion on the area.

I haven’t had any waxing but I found some stuff that’s good for itching and minor skin irritation. It’s aloe gel with lidocaine. You can find it wherever they sell sunscreen and various sun lotions and rememdies. There’s clear gel which usually plain aloe gel and blue colored gel which typically has lidocaine in it.

I found it to work well on razor burn, sunburn, dry skin - even mosquito bites if they’re not too bad.

I have never had a brazilian wax and wanted to get one but have some concerns…is it possible to use a numbing cream like emla on the skin prior to waxing? Does it irritate the skin? Is it going to hurt really badly? How long should I wait to heal up before I see my guy?

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If you haven’t done it before, I recommend getting it done about a week before anyone might see it, and a minimum of 3 to 4 days. Be sure to cleanse the area with Tend Skin or a similar product, and keep the area dry with powder. This will help the redness subside more quickly and can help reduce welts or or tiny white putules that some people get.

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It does hurt but it is more freightening than painful. You can use a numbing agent (there are several including Scream Cream) your waxer may have something as well. It also helps to stay well hydrated and take some sort of analgesic before you go.

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