Brazilian waxing at home. How??

My girlfriend has asked me to help her with a brazilian waxing. What kind of wax should I use, where can I buy it and is there any thing spesial I need to know before we start? (temperature, strips/non-strips…)


First I take it, you have no experience with wax.

I would recommend the first time, have a professional do it.
For two reasons:
1 - The first time is uncomfortable
2 - You will see the correct technique. As in how to apply, just how long to wait before removing(too soon and no hair, too long and the first layer of skin)
The second time the hair is much easier to remove and you have a good idea of the right technique and timming.

I used “Sergi-wax” It has almost the same adheavsivness qualities as the prof’s use and it is applied with a stick like they do.
All you got to do is nuke it till it is like a paste and apply and leave a little tail on it to grab, wait till cool and pull.

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Hi Aguila!
Thank you for helping out. I don’t have much experience with waxing. I have had my shoulders waxed a couple of times, but that’s all.