Brazilian wax

While reading this article tonight, I was happily surprised to see the comments of someone me and my husband know well, Dr. Brodell, a dermatologist who moved from Ohio to Mississippi recently.


Brazilian Waxes May Increase Risk of Viral Infection
Posted: March 25, 2013

A dermatologist in Nice, France, observed more and more patients coming to his office with molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV) outbreaks in their nether regions (molluscum contagiosum, incidentally, sounds more like a “Harry Potter” spell than a virus). About 93% of these 30 patients, both male and female, shaved, waxed or clipped their pubic hair. This made Francois Desruelles, MD, wonder about the relationship between grooming downstairs and the spread of MCV.

“Pubic hair removal is a body modification for the sake of fashion, especially in young women and adolescents, but also growing among men,” writes Desruelles in a letter [press release] published online in the British Medical Journal “Anyway, pubic hair removal may be a risk factor for STMC [sexually transmitted MCV] or perhaps other STIs …”

MCV, a pox virus, spreads by skin-to-skin contact from sharing items such as towels or clothes, or sexual contact. It causes pearly papules with dimples in the middle. While MCV looks unsightly, it is not painful and often goes away without treatment. Although a few bumps might be an inconvenience, some people develop hundreds of these papules, which can be embarrassing and disfiguring.

After looking at cases of sexually transmitted MCV, Desruelles believes that people are self-inoculating, meaning they are giving themselves pubic MCV from grooming. A person might shave a papule on her leg, for example, and the virus remains on the blade, which transfers it to her lady parts. This is a common way to spread bacteria or viruses, explains Robert T. Brodell, MD, a professor and chief of the division of dermatology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. People often spread warts this way.

“You cut through a wart … and pull [the HPV] along a line so you end up with warts in a line. You have the original wart and nine more.” Brodell, who did not participate in the study, believes there are a few other reasons why pubic hair grooming might cause the spread of MCV. People may share razors—so one person with MCV might pass it onto his roommate because they used the same razor. Or tiny abrasions from shaving makes it easier to contract MCV from a paramour.

“You have sexual contact with someone who has it and it is easier to pick up the virus,” Brodell says. He recommends that people abstain from sex with someone who has an outbreak of MCV. If people suspect they have MCV or warts they should shave around the bumps, not through them, he adds. While grooming likely increases the spread of sexually transmitted MCV, it doesn’t mean we must go au naturel. Brodell notes there is nothing inherent about pubic hair that protects people from MCV or STIs. “The hair itself is not a defensive barrier.”

—By Meghan Holohan,, March 18, 2013

GREAT article Dee Dee … thanks! I’m printing this one and handing it out to clients! As an “old timer” I think removing all the hair from one’s “package” is freaky!

I just started working with one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen … I mean a “15” on a “10 point scale” (yeah, guys do this). I’m “holding her back.”

She wants her whole “package” removed. I said, "Let’s move slowly, go to the first stage … reconsider … and then MAYBE move ahead with GREAT caution! The girl is only 21-years-old and I feel it’s my responsibility to not turn her into a FREAK (that she will later regret).

So far, she has no tattoos! If she “demolishes” that flawless skin, it will make me sick. She is talking about a tattoo (on those perfect arms) and I suggested she take a look at what those “idiotic marks” look like in 15 years: a blotch of ink … a STAIN on the skin (tattoos SPREAD in time!) If I can arrange it, I’m sending her to the laser center to watch a “tattoo removal.”

I know I’m supposed to be neutral; but I’m NOT. Healthy flawless skin with no marks? Isn’t that the goal? As the Greeks said, “beauty is a gift from the Gods.” I don’t think we should tamper with such perfection!

You might want to look at the fact that this study was conduced at 1 naturist resort in France hardly a fact based scientific study! and 20 people who were regulars contracted the virus… I seriously doubt it was their grooming habits ehh

Michael Bono,

I think you acted very well and did what a professional should do by advising her to reconsider. Patients don’t always know what is best for them. Permanent procedures always have the possibility of future regret.

I recently had someone come to me wanting their entire pubic area done. I advised them that while I would do it if they insisted, that they consider whether it was what they really wanted because the results were permanent, and from what I know, it’s the one area that women seem to experience the most regret. She was 20 years old. She still wants it done, but has been turned off not by my advice, but from the reality that she isnt going to see complete removal in one visit.

I cant help but think I dodged a bullet.



Going bare is a trend. Besides, pubic hair has a reason for being there. What will happen if those women who underwent permanent pubic hair removal later discover that any potential problems they may have are related to the absence of hair?

I once read that a beauty salon that offered LHR did not offer a brazilian to customers because they believed the women would regret it later.

In my time here I’ve heard tales of women coming back even 10 years later and saying "why did you let me do this? " despite having been firmly advised NOT to do it. This is what I related to her.
Potential problems down the road is a hazard anytime we treat anyone anywhere ( including ourselves, which is what I do most) .But electrolysis has been done for over 100 years, and I dont think I’ve ever heard of problems occurring from the lack of hair. This doesnt concern me nearly as much as if someone is happy down the road with the work I’ve done. I take it all very personally, and if someone is displeased it frankly cuts to the core.


I am seriously considering having a brazillian I am fingers crossed having sucess in the area’s I’m having electrolysis but feel on body hair rather than facial it just takes too long and costs too much for me and would not feel confortable someone popping a prob in thousands of times around my vagina lol. I would like laser but can’t afford it at present and frankly since I’m going in for electrolysis ever 5-6 weeks can epilate my legs and under arms ever 2 weeks its become a real chore and annoyance to do down below every other day shaving. If I do go to a salon and have a Brazilian or just the lines done will this make laser treatment harder if I do get the funds to do this later on. I know you are not suppose to pluck or wax for electrolysis and it makes doing such treatment longer if you have waxed or plucked previously. Will this issue be the same with laser? really would like to start waxing as it maybe another year until I could save up for laser but don’t want it to extend the amounts of treatment I’d need.?