Brazilian wax


For those of you guys who have done Brazillian wax or any other method of waxing/sugaring at bikini lines, can you please tell me whether it is very painful the first time? Do you bleed?


It has been a long time since I got waxed but I do remember it.

For me the first time was the easiest. I had expected a great deal of pain so I went in prepared for the worse. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. So the second time hurt a lot more.

I also found that each time it was harder for me to take. I guess it was doing some damage to my skin and 6 wekks between wasn’t long enough for my skin to recover.

I did have some bleeding at the area where the pubic region joins the leg, the crease might describe it better.

Just a note, I got very fed up with the regular maintenance of waxing and have moved on to more permanent methods and I wish I had done this 10 or 15 years ago.

If you are considering it you will never know until you get it done, so go for it, what do you have to loose?


The second time hurts more? Doesn’t the hair grew less and less later?

I’m just afraid I might chicken-out halfway through the process :grin:

I will try it. Just getting some feedback from people who have done it. Thanks for yours.


Rosered: I had waxing done over my entire body many many times before I went with electrolysis for permanent removal and it smarted when the operator pulled . However if you have enough of a desire to have the hair removed you won’t notice. Pulling the hair from my shest hurt more than removal from the pubic region and removal from the underarms hurt the least.


You waxed your whole body!! :fearful: Must have hurt like hell…


It didn’t hurt as much as you think it would. Also each time the wax is pulled off in each area, the pain is sudden and over in a second. Wow .how neat the body looks after each session.


barrester, did you body itch all over during the growing out process and how long were you smooth. Was it worth it! I had tried nads on my legs once and when the hair started to grow out my legs itched horribly. I would love to have my legs professionally waxed but am concerned about the itch and the ingrown. barrester what do you mean about having your whole body done with electroloysi? I think it’s great but didn’t think it was possible. If you did it we could all get inspired.


When I say the whole body being done by electrolysis, I only had the chest,back, pubic hair and underarms. I haven’t had the legs done.I never experienced any itching when the hairs grew back after waxing. I usually got waxed every 8 weeks;but I never kept a routine schedule.I still have my legs waxes every so often for the great feel of smoothness and my one get rid of that hair by electrolysis or laser.


I have several areas which do tend to bleed occasionally when the hairs are pulled, and it’s slightly more painful… but still, to me, not prohibitively so. I’ve found that it’s gotten better as I’ve learned to do it better–I do mine at home, of course. The first time I tried to do my upper thigh, I managed to bruise it rather badly. Whoops. But I survived, anyway.

I dunno if I’d consider a Brazilian to be worth it, though.


Believe me the Brazilian is worth it. You will look and feel better than yiu can imagine. Try it once and let us know how you liked it. I think you will want to make it permanent by electrolysis or laser.


Post-treatment itching is usually a sign you are about to get ingrowns. Doing heavy exfoliation and generous use of moisturizer can often help reduce itching and ingrowns.

If you itch immediately after, do not scratch, but instead cleanse the area with witch hazel and then use a thin coat of antibiotic ointment or antihistamine cream like Benadryl. Scratching and rubbing the skin can lead t infections or worse itchiness.


… and then there are those of us who will probably get ingrowns no matter how much we moisturize and exfoliate. I spent most of my life cursing my curly hair, finally got a haircut that made it look great… then started sugaring my legs and took to cursing it all over again. Argh!


I know what you mean, Corvaith-- my head hair is bone-straight, but I get the WORST ingrowns on the backs of my legs. It’s a full-time job to keep up with them, but I have found that daily attention to that area helps. I use a scrubby ting in the shower, followed by California Legs body scrub, then Tend Skin Right out of the shower, followed by lotion with AHA about ten minutes later. No shaving legs, ever, and if I wear tight jeans or get sweaty or sit on my butt all day, I do it again before bed. I have probably reduce my ingrowns at least 90% doing this, but your mileage may vary. The same procedure doesn’t work on my bikini area, which I may just have to have electrolysized one of these days. Ugh.