Brazilian troubles

I’m in search of a professional opinion. Just the background on myself: I am a hairstylist. I have been trained through benefit as well for brow waxing, but that is my extent with waxing hands on experience. I work in a professional salon, and value those in our industry, as well as clients.

So, I have been getting Brazilian waxing done for about 2 years.
I was a shaver from a young age, and once I could afford it I opted for waxing.
I have pretty sensitive skin, and shaving have me terrible scarring…which was the main reason I wanted to wax. I am just so embarrassed at the scarring.

My first Brazilian was at European wax center. I was told that they were clean, and the wax was gentle. Well, it sucked. I put too much faith into a large corporation. The hard wax was pretty painful, I felt over exposed due to the doctor office table and bright lighting. Just too much. Regardless, I figured it was just my first time and I needed to get used to it.
My next 6 waxes were by a previous coworker. She on the other hand changed my mind entirely about waxing. She used strip wax, got All hair! Very clean, precise, and gentle. I think others may consider her to be too “hands on” because she will move skin to ensure to get every crevasse.

Now I sadly had to leave her. The salon that we worked in was unprofessional and I had to move on to something more serious and education focused.

I dabbled in European wax center to see if it would work out for the next 4 months. It was very painful, constantly missed hair, and I got gross ingrowns.

So I found a local esthetician in a private office. First brazilian is 60, and maintenance is 45. At our first visit, I explained that my skin is sensitive. I told her about my scars, and that I get ingrowns every once in a while that scar. I told her my exfoliating, serum, and moisturizing routine. I told her about my experience with hard wax. She used a combo of strip and hard wax. She was amazing with bedside manner. I felt like I had known her for years. She got every hair.

Now, it’s been about 10 months since I have been utilizing her. I recommend her to clients and coworkers.

BUT after this time, my skin and I are getting irritated.
Every wax, has a following of a ton of ingrowns. One I had to even get checked by a doctor. I had followed every recommendation she gave for every wax. My scars are worse than ever and I’m feeling less sexy every time. She said “maybe waxing is just not for you.” Also, the past 3 times, the rear area has a lot of hair that wasn’t waxed. I’m wondering if she is having trouble with that because I do have a bit of a large bottom. I was so irritated about this today after my wax, that I pulled my wax pot and did some pretzel yoga and finished the wax that she started. She missed about 60% of the hair. So…here I am…in love with this waxer as a person and a small business owner…but I am just blown away that my ingrowns, scars, etc aren’t getting better?! Estheticians…what should I do?! Should I bite the bullet and try another waxer? Should I find some way to save for lazer? Or is there some other option you can think of. I apologize for this novel I have… But I really just needed to get it out. Thanks for your time!

I found laser was really good for a permanent reduction. Four years on, after five sessions, I still have 70% reduction.

You can finish it off with electrolysis.

It sounds to me that you’re a hair free lover and have been for years. Quit putting yourself through the pain of temporary and go permanent. You wont be getting ingrowns or more scarring!

Thank you! I think you’re right!